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FILENAME VERSION SIZE   DESCRIPTION 0.90 428 KB Stand-alone executable of 7-zip Archiver (.7Z Files) (Sources @ p7zip_0.90.tar.bz2 [439 KB]) 1.2 14KB   Plan 9 Archive Extraction Utility 1.01 7KB Unpack an archive in Apple Archive Format. (.AAF Files) 1.0 17KB   A Utility for Xerox Alto Archives. (.AAR Files) 1.0 73KB ABE is an Ascii-Binary Encoding/Decoding System
aescrypt0.7.tar.bz2 0.7 114KB   Aescrypt encrypts/decrypts data using Rijndael/Cipher Block Feedback (CFB-128).
aespipe.tar.bz2 2.1c 96KB AES encrypting or decrypting pipe. 2.4.7 115KB   Afio makes cpio-format archives. 5.21e 122KB ARC - Archive utility 1.0 18KB   A suggested replacement for shar.
arith_coder.tar.bz2 2.0 50KB Word, Character, and Bit Based Compression Using Arithmetic Coding.
atool-0.26.0.tar.gz 0.26.0 39KB   atool is a perl script for managing file archives of various types. 2.0.2 43KB This package encodes/decodes binary data into BCODE, NUCODE (improved UUCODE), and HEXCODE formats. 1.1 49KB   Bcrypt is a cross platform file encryption utility. 1.0 16KB BeWT is a BWT(Burrows Wheeler Transform) and MTF(Move To Front encoding) encoder and decoder package.
biacode1.2.tar.bz2 1.2 22KB   Bijective arithmetic encoder.(Free for non-commercial purposes;
bicom1.01.tar.bz2 1.01 103KB Bijective compressor.(Free for non-commercial purposes; 1.0 17KB   BOO - Archive utility
brik-2.0.tar.bz2 2.0 46KB Brik generates and verifies 32-bit CRC values (checksums). 29-Aug-1990 8KB   bsplit - splits a binary file into nnn-byte pieces 5.2 25KB btoa/atob - encodes/decodes binary to printable ASCII
bun-0.1b0.tar.bz2 0.1b0 109KB   The bun program is used to bundle many files, directories, symbolic links, etc. into a single bundle file. bun can also be used to extract items from a previously created bundle.(.BUN Files)
bwc-0.99.tar.gz 0.99d 70KB Bwc compresses files using the Burrows-Wheeler-Fenwick block-sorting text compression algorithm. 0.6 118KB   cabextract is a program to extract Microsoft Cabinet files.(.CAB Files)
cbmconvert.tar.bz2 2.1.2 92KB Create, extract and convert different Commodore binary archives(.ARK, .LNX, etc.) 0.6.2 22KB   CDIrip is a small tool which will scan and extract the contents of a DiscJuggler (both v2.0 and v3.0 versions) image. These images end with extension .CDI
cjen-1.09.tar.bz2 1.09 27KB cjen/cjde - encodes a binary file, or decodes its ASCII representation. 4.0 34KB   Unix compress utility (.Z files) 1.0 7KB Decrunches 'Eye of the Beholder' CPS files. 1.0 7KB   Decrunches Sinclair QL 'CPT' files.
crblib.tar.bz2 1.0 155KB Library that contains; Fast (MACM) Arithmetic coder, Modularized Bit IO routines, CRC32 routines, Fast Prefix-Sum-Tree routines (cumulative probability maintenance), An ANSI C multi-functional dir recursion function, Faster malloc() through grouped hunks, Good mem copies and clears, Lots of good string functions, Good Quicksort.
crc.tar.bz2 0.1 14KB   Utilities to compute the cyclic redundancy checks for both the crc-16 (used in arc files) and crc-ccitt (used in xmodem). 1.0 18KB cShar puts readable text files together in a package.
csplit-2.2.tar.bz2 2.2 23KB   This program is used to process source files for the purpose of transmission through a FidoNet (tm) echo in such a manner as to circumvent over-size message problems.
ctw.tar.bz2 0.1 80KB Context Tree Weighting encoder/decoder. 0.8.11 186KB   Dynamic Adaptive Compression Tool 1.3 2KB Small (Bourne) Shell script to extract *.RPM or *.DEB archives
ecc-1.3.5.tar.bz2 1.3.5 104KB   ecc library implements a 3-byte error correcting encoder/decoder based on the Reed-Solomon (255, 249) code over the Galois Field (2^8).
encode.tar.bz2 1.3 19KB File encoder/decoder utility. 1.0 8KB   encrypt - an effective method of encrypting text files using bitwise manipulation.(.ENC Files)
epm-3.6.tar.bz2 3.6 78KB ESP Package Manager for various package formats.(Source @ epm-3.6.src.tar.bz2 [870 KB]) 1.1 246KB   EXEPAK creates self-decompressing executables do not require that any special libraries, binaries, compression programs, etc. be installed on your system. 0.1 1KB Extracts files from CDRWin .BIN CD Image Files. 0.1 1KB   Extracts files from .ISO CD Image Files. 1.0 16KB Extracts files from Apple .DSK images.
filesplit.tar.bz2 2.1.0 19KB   Split large files into smaller more managable files.
fits.tar.bz2 1.0 40KB Compress/Decompress image files using H-transform. 2.5 62KB   Unix freeze archiving utility (.F Files) 2.8 3KB General Unpack Shell is a bash script that uses gzip, tar, sed, awk, unarj, lha, zoo, unzip, test, pgp, uncompress, echo and uudecode programs externally.
gut.tar.gz 1.10 20KB   Shadow company GUT files unpacker. 0.999a 84KB HA - Archive utility 2.0 72KB   Hexbin converts mailable format BinHex file into binary before downloading to MacTerminal (.HEX, .HCX, .HQX Files)
hffzip1.01.tar.bz2 1.0.1 20KB HFFzip - Little File Compressor.
hicrypt.tar.bz2 1.0 45KB   An assymetrical block transposition cipher. 0.79a 102KB HPACK Multi-System Archiver (.HPK Files) (Source @ hpack79.src.tar.bz2 [435 KB]) 1.0 8KB   A utility to extract portions of an intersite archive data (.IAF) files. 1.0 22KB Jam/Unjam is a small utility for file compression and decompression. (.JAM Files)
jamjar0.4.tar.bz2 0.4 39KB   Jamjar is an enhanced jar replacement.
jbigkit.tar.bz2 1.5 254KB JBIG-KIT lossless image compression library. 1.0 16KB   Lar is a program to manipulate CP/M .LU format libraries. 1.1 51KB A Utility to extract CP/M '.LBR' archives.
lds.tar.bz2 1.1 134KB   LDS (lossless datacompression sources) kit. 1.14i 88KB LHA - Archive utility
libblowfish.tar.bz2 0.7.2m 49KB   Blowfish library: Blowfish is a block cipher that operates on 64bit (8 byte) quantities.
libcomprex.tar.bz2 0.3.2 190KB Multi-purpose compression library. (source @ libcomprex.src.tar.bz2 [401 KB])
libmcrypt-2.5.7.tar.bz2 2.5.7 131KB   Libmcrypt is a thread-safe library providing a uniform interface to access several block and stream encryption algorithms.
libmspack.tar.bz2 20030726 254KB The purpose of libmspack is to provide compressors and decompressors, archivers and dearchivers for Microsoft compression formats: CAB, CHM, HLP, KWAJ, LIT and SZDD.
libUnESP.tar.bz2 1.0beta1 27KB   UnESP library. 1.0 10KB LZ77 Compession algorithm.
lzpipe.tar.bz2 2.01 70KB   Lzpipe is an implementation two most popular compression methods: LZW and deflate.
lzss.tar.gz 1.0 50KB Data Compression Programs that are inspired LARC and LHarc. 2.1.2 26KB   Newer version of (Self-extracting shell archive).
mcrypt-2.6.3.rar 2.6.3 227KB Mcrypt is a simple encryption program, intended to be replacement for the old unix crypt. (Source @ mcrypt-2.6.3.src.tar.bz2 [297 KB]) 1.05 61KB   The mcvert program translates files between MacBinary format and other formats often used in exchanging Macintosh files. 1.0 16KB RSA Data Security, Inc., MD5 Message-Digest algorithm. 1.0 21KB   RSA Data Security, Inc., Message Digest Code Implementation.
mhash0.8.18.tar.bz2 0.8.18 249KB The mhash library provides an easy way to access strong hashes such as MD5, SHA1 and other algorithms.(Source @ mhash-0.8.18.src.tar.bz2 [270 KB]) 1.0 25KB   MIME base64 encoder/decoder utility (.64 Files)
mimefold.tar.bz2 1.1 41KB Simple library to process MIMEed messages. 1.4 143KB   Mpack and munpack are utilities for encoding and decoding (respectively) binary files in MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) format mail messages. 0.3 64KB Microsoft "compress.exe/expand.exe" compatible (de)compressor. 4.2.4 47KB   The (N)ew Compress. 1.3 38KB Nomarch extracts old '.ARC' archives. 1.0 44KB   Nonpatented Simple Encryption Algorithm. 1.7.6 68KB nspark - New Spark unarchiver (.SPK Files) 3.25 178KB   This is a NuFile eXchange (NuFX) Archive Utility:                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  Name                             Abbr.  Pack?  Unpack?
  Uncompressed                 .unc     Y          Y
  SQueezed (sq/usq)           .squ     N          Y
  Dynamic LZW-I (ShrinkIt)   .shk     Y          Y
  Dynamic LZW-II (ShrinkIt)  .sh2     N          Y
  UNIX 12-bit compress        .u12     Y          Y
  UNIX 16-bit compress        .u16     Y          Y 1.2 10KB Fully adaptive arithmetic coder based on zero model.
paq3.tar.bz2 1.0 46KB   PAQ3 - File archiver and compressor.
pax.tar.bz2 1.2 121KB PAX - Portable Archive Interchange 1.5.1 90KB   Payload Delivery Vehicle (PDV) is a program that builds an executable that contains a complete package (e.g. and RPM, System V package or tar file) and the commands required to install it. 2.0 11KB Macintosh PackIt file unpacker V2.0, for PackIt II (.PIT Files) 1.0 8KB   Powerpacker deruncher (.PP Files)
ppmz9.1.tar.bz2 9.1 86KB PPMZ is a file to file (like gzip) compressor based on the PPM method.
pucrunch.tar.bz2 1.11 85KB   A lossless hybrid LZ77/RLE data compression program for a low-resource system (self-extracting C64,VIC20,C16/+4,C128 executables)
pull.tar.bz2 3.3 58KB A Cross-Platform Tool for File Easy Extracting and Compact Packaging. 0.2 148KB   Quake Editing Utilities; extract files from .PAK , .WAD , .BSP archives.
rangecoder.tar.bz2 30 Oct. 2001 24KB Carryless rangecoder.
rot13.tar.bz2 1.3 20KB   Cypher/Decypher files using ROT13 cypher. 3.10 46KB This package contains:
unbit      - undoes the 6-bit executioner format. (.BIT Files)
unexec  - undoes the apple2 monitor format.
unblu     - view and extract from Binary 2 Library Utility (.BLU) Archives.
usq        - usqueeze squeezed files (created by sq3 or extracted from binary 2 or shrinkit archives).
sciibin    - view and extract form binscii (.BSC) files. 1.0 13KB   Unix shell archive extractor (.SHA, .SHAR files)
shcodec.tar.bz2 1.0.1 17KB shcodec is order-0 32-bit canonical static huffman codec. It encodes alphabet of 256 symbols with minimum-redundancy or length-restricted codes. 1.0 27KB   Ship is a program for sending binary files through email. It is designed to supplant uuencode and uudecode. 1.0 28KB Data compression and encryption program (.S Files) 2.1beta 18KB   Splint is a Huffman-coding-basis data compression/decompression program (.SP Files)
splitter.tar.bz2 2.0 12KB Splits big files for much easier distribution across floppy disks. 3.0 32KB   sq/usq compression tools. 1.12b 61KB The program szip(sunzip) performs data compression/decompression. 1.0.2 35KB   Transparently Compressed Executables is a system designed for the transparent decompression, execution and recompression of executables. 1.0 11KB Uncompress MS-TNEF archives as used by some mailers. 1.1 29KB   These programs list the table of contents and extract files from tp, dtp and itp Unix archives. 0.3 7KB Turkish_Q and Turkish_F keymaps
tzip-1.12.tar.gz 1.12 38KB   tzip is a block-sorting data compressor based on the Burrows-Wheeler transform. 1.00 21KB Transparently Gzipped Executables creates self-expanding compressed executables like gzexe or tcx.
unarj2.63.tar.bz2 2.63 35KB   Newer version of unarj. (.ARJ Files) 1.0 7KB BAG Arhive extracting utility. (.BAG Files) 1.01 46KB   UCL is a portable lossless data compression library. (Source @ ucl-1.01.src.tar.bz2 [231KB]) 2.32 12KB UNCRUnch/C - LZW uncruncher compatible with Z-80 CP/M program CRUNCH 2.3 1.0 1KB   Unpack Debian packages. (.DEB Files) 1.3 38KB Supports decompression of files compressed using all known DMS compression modes, including old and obsolete ones, and also encrypted files, for 100% compatibility. Can test DMS files integrity, view file informations and show attached Can generate standard disk images and compressed disk images, using gzip, if you want to store your files in ADF or ADZ formats. Can extract the files contained inside the DMS archives, if  the compressed disk is an AmigaDOS disk, using readdisk made by Bernd Schmidt. Can process multiple files in batch with a single command, and also use stdin and stdout for input and output of data.
unESP.tar.bz2 0.1beta 18KB   UnESP is an ESP(Extension-Sort Packer[an old archiver for DOS]) archive extractor and lister. 1.1.3 28KB .IMP archive extraction utility
unixnpi.tar.bz2 1.1.4 30KB   A package installer(NPI - Newton Package Installer) for UNIX systems. 1.0 6KB KAR simple text-file archiver/dearchiver program. (.KAR Files) 1.0 23KB   .LZX archive extraction utility 1.0 12KB Riven Broderbund Mohawk Archive Extractor (.MHK Files)
unpack-1.0.1.tar.gz 1.0.1 10KB   A Perl script to manage tarballs.
unrar-3.2.3.tar.bz2 3.2.3 193KB Newer version of unrar. (.RAR Files) 1.0 244KB   Unpack Redhat packages (.RPM files), include cpio[CoPy In/Out] (unpack .CPIO files). 1.0 25KB Unsea is a freeware routine for removing the self-expanding code from MacBinary coded self-expanding archives ("SEAs"). It works with most SEAs created by Compact Pro(TM) 1.33 and compatable versions and with StuffIt Classic(TM) 1.6, StuffIt Deluxe(TM) 1.0-3.0 and StuffIt Lite(TM) 3.0 SEAs. 1.5c 27KB   Macintosh StuffIt file extractor (.SIT Files) 1.0 20KB Decompile a "terminfo" terminal description file. 1.24 117KB   The Ultimate Packer for eXecutables. (Source @ upx-1.24.src.tar.bz2 [178KB]) 3.4 25KB A utility to encode/decode a binary file for transmission via mail (.UUE Files) 1.0 1KB   A Perl script to uuencode files. 1.1 4KB A Perl script that unpacks uudecoded files. 1.0 4KB   A Bash script to split archive files.
voof.tar.bz2 1.1 39KB Public domain compressor shell based on Ross Williams' LZRW series.(LZRW3-A algorithm)
vvcode0.97.tar.bz2 0.97beta 205KB   vvencode encodes its input file along with the file name and file attributes into a 32-bit CRC checksummed output file using a portable character set that is immune to electronic mail corruption and blank trimming. vvdecode decodes the output of vvencode, restoring the file name and attributes, and verifying the checksum. 1.0 42KB A preprocessor for LOSSY data compression.
xbin2.3.tar.bz2 2.3 19KB   Newer version of xbin. 0.1.4 129KB XPK is an interfacing standard between application programs and packer libraries. (Source @ xpk-0.1.4.src.tar.bz2 [190KB]) 5.3 14KB   Encode/decode a file so it can be mailed to a remote system. (.XXE Files) 1.0 99KB This package contains:                                                                                                                          
unwhap  -  decompress data compressed with AP coding (.AP Files)
unyabba -  decompress data compressed with Y coding (.Y Files)
whap      -    compress data with AP coding
yappa     -    compress data with Y coding
yencode0.46.tar.bz2 0.46 131KB   yencode; an encoder/decoder package for the Usenet "yEnc" format. (source @ yencode-0.46.src.tar.bz2 [237 KB])
zoo.tar.bz2 2.24 210KB ZOO - Archive utility