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Ancient  Herbal  Healers

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Mayan Herbal Healers

Mayan society was very advanced, and comparable to our own in many ways, providing a good quality of life for the average citizen. There were varied and plentiful foods available to all, and the ability to treat injuries and disease with medical knowledge of natural methods that was superior to our own. With the Mayan healers’ expertise in using plants and herbal extractions to enhance the body’s own ability to heal itself, the healers’ way seems superior to our own crude trend to reach for the surgical scalpel, or poison the body with toxic chemicals.

What exactly do we know about these Mayan herbal healers, after all this time? Quite a lot, actually, based on new information coming to light as researchers translate Mayan glyphs and Mayan, Toltec and Aztec codices. We also have the information that has been passed down through generations of Maya to the living Mayan healers today, and the traditions of Native Americans of the Southwest, who traded and communicated extensively with the Mayas. Some of this ancient knowledge is dying now, and may soon be lost forever.

Mayan Woman

Native American medicine combined herbal knowledge with spiritual wisdom. Native healers (“medicine man” was a label first applied by early French explorers) were a combination of doctor and priest, and had probably demonstrated a natural talent early in life. They had a long apprenticeship that included spiritual preparation, gathering knowledge, and extensive practice, with supervision by elders who were knowledgeable in that field.

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Successful healing was based upon a bond of trust and faith between the healer and the healed. The ancient healer knew that his patient must be helped to reclaim a sense of wholeness and unity with his world, in order for any herbal remedy to be fully effective.

 Mayan Temple

Interested in learning more? Too many modern herbalists are looking for an easy way and a “quick fix” without the spiritual preparation. Please don’t think that you can just go to your friendly neighborhood “medicine man” for a quick course in Native American herbal cures! He or she won’t tell you much, until you have proven yourself worthy. If you should find an Indian herbal healer willing to tell all right away, or if they are selling books containing sacred knowledge without concern for who might read them, then you are probably dealing with a “New Age Mall Indian”, who is maybe 1/32 Cherokee, if that, and has “Indianized” his Anglo name of Fred to something more picturesque, like Summerfall Winterspring.


 They are two aspects of one reality. There are separate laws which govern
each. Breaking of a spiritual principle will affect the physical
world and visa versa. A balanced life is one that honors both"

Ancient Native American Wisdom

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Mayan Parrot

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