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The Breath OF Life  Symbol

 of THE



"T" Shaped Window at Palenque

In the Mayan tradition, “I’q” is the Breath, the Air, the Spirit.The symbol of “I’q” is drawn as a T, representing a doorway into the spirit world and other dimensions. The T forms half of a cross (the World Tree) and the other half lies in the spirit world.Many of the Mayan temples have windows and doorways in the shape of a T. They are not only physical doorways but are also spiritual doorways (a portal into the spirit world).

Just as air is exchanged in the lungs, so our consciousness exchanges thoughts, ideas and experiences with the spirits by going through the zero point. Through the breath, we can gain a clearer perspective of reality, create a state of serenity and peace and journey through the corridor of our consciousness.

From an interview with Heddi Neale as part of her thesis at the Naropa Institute.

"T" Shaped Portal at Palenque

Hunbatz Man, an contemporary Mayan writer, also refers to the “T” symbol as the Sacred Tree, represented for the Maya as “Yaxche”, the stately and sacred Ceiba tree. “Additionally, this symbol represented the air, the wind and the divine breath of God. The relationship which the Maya made between the tree and the wind is notable because it was based upon their own experiences and scientific observations….the wind (itself) was used in spiritual rituals.”

The Wind God Ehecatl/Quetzalcoatl Next to His "T" Shaped Throne

The wind, as a force that moves, can be felt, but is not seen, symbolized the creative power of the gods and of life itself. The best known of the Mesoamerican wind gods is Ehecatl/Quetzalcoatal, when seen in his aspect as the lord of wind. In his other aspect, Quetzalcoatl is agreat mythological hero, champion of humans and bringer of maize cultivation.

Sketch of "T" Shaped Temple at Cerros