A Gallery of Morris and
Sword Events in Boston

The following are links to various Web sites and pages that depict assorted morris and sword dance events -- ales, dance-outs, festival performances -- mainly in the Greater Boston area. Most of these events have involved local adult and children's teams such as:

Banbury Cross Morris and Sword
Commonwealth Morris Men
Charles River Rapper
Gay Blades
Great Meadows Morris and Sword, with
--Team X
--Beside the Point
--Slightly Green
--Scrapper Rapper
--Pocket Flyers
--Fresh Blood
--Scrambled Six
Ha'Penny Morris
Hopbrook Morris
MOTley Morris
Mulberry Morris and Bubble Rapper
Newtowne Morris Men
Orion Sword
Pinewoods Morris Men
Pipe Dream Morris
Red Herring Morris
Rose Galliard
Still River Sword

Many of these teams' sites have their own galleries as well.

Other sites with galleries of Boston-area morris and sword events:

Greater Boston Ritual Dance & Drama


The Ginger Ale (archives from 2001-present; links to archives for 1997 and 1998) *Updated to include 2007*


Lilac Sunday 2007

May Day 2007 Celebration

Morris Dancing at Gore Place 2007

Morris and Sword Performances at NEFFA 2007

Commonwealth Morris Men 2006 Mid-Winter Celebration

Juggler Meadow Harvest Tour

Ha'Penny Morris Harvest Tour 2006

Marlboro Ale 2006 Saturday stands, featuring some Boston area teams (photos by Arthur Ferguson)

May Day 2006

Great Meadows Morris and Sword and Banbury Cross Morris at NEFFA 2006

Commonwealth Morris at Gore Place

Great Meadows Morris and Sword at the 2006 Boston Celtic Music Fest

2005 Mid-Winter Celebration

Banbury Cross dances out with the Wayward Youths of Morris

Wayward Youths of Morris tour of Greater Boston (dance-outs with Commonwealth Morris, Charles River Rapper, Pinewoods Morris and Banbury Cross Morris)

Great Meadows at the 2005 Marlboro Ale (OK, technically this wasn't a Boston area event, but it did involve a few local teams and was a pretty impressive spectacle besides -- see for yourself.)

Lilac Sunday 2005

Red Herring Morris Day of Dance 2005

May Day 2005

May Day 2005 (Photos by Larry Osgood)

NEFFA 2005

Banbury Cross at the Black and Green Festival

2004 Mid-Winter Celebration

Great Meadows at the 2004 Irish Connections Festival

Lilac Sunday 2004

Lilac Sunday 2004 (Photos by Arthur Ferguson)

Red Herring Morris Day of Dance 2004

"Rapper, Reels and Revelry: A Celebration of Music and Dance Across Generations"--Benefit concert for Great Meadows Morris and Sword

May Day 2004

May Day 2004 (Photos by Larry Osgood)

NEFFA 2004

Benefit contra dance at Springstep for Great Meadows Morris and Sword

Mid-Winter Celebration

Ha'Penny 2003 Fall Harvest Tour

Wayward Youths of Morris tour of Boston

Great Meadows at the 2003 Marlboro Morris Ale

Lilac Sunday 2003

Red Herring Morris Day of Dance 2003

May Day 2003

Red Herring Morris and Banbury Cross Morris at NEFFA 2003

Ha'Penny Morris 2002 Fall Harvest Tour

Red Herring Morris at the Salem Maritime Festival

Revels 2002 Maypole Processional and Celebration

Team X Morris at the 2002 Cambridge River Festival

Red Herring Morris Day of Dance 2002

Lilac Sunday 2002

Red Herring Morris at Somerville Garden Day

Banbury Cross at May Day Eve/May Day 2002

Banbury Cross and Red Herring Morris at NEFFA 2002

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