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May Day 2003

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Banbury Cross Morris has its annual May Day Eve gathering to make the May Dolly and prepare "hedgehogs" to snack on in the morning.

Weeks Footbridge, Cambridge, Mass., approximately 5:30 a.m. Muddy River Morris does the first official dance of May, to be followed by, among others, Banbury Cross and a group of dancers from Tony Barrand's folklore class at Boston University.

Dancers do the Winster Processional to the green adjacent to Kirkland and Winthrop houses on the Harvard University campus. Another round of dancing ensues, including stints by Banbury, Muddy River and an incognito set from Team X morris, along with the usual singing and merriment.

Final stop for this once-bucolic occasion: The distinctly urban setting of Holyoke Center, in Harvard Square. Red Herring Morris and fellow revelers did one more round of dancing and singing before departing for work, school and rest, or to continue the festivities over breakfast.