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Red Herring Morris at the Annual Ha'Penny Harvest Tour

Sept. 21, 2002

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First stop: Westward Orchards Farm Stand, Harvard, Mass.

Red Herring opens with "Seaside Shuffle."

Our cohorts on the tour were The Gay Blades (left) and Rose Galliard.

Second stop: Nashoba Valley Winery, Bolton, Mass.

Our performance area at Nashoba Valley included a gazebo, which Rose Galliard and the Blades found much to their liking.

...while the Herrings opted for the wide-open spaces, doing "Gallant Weaver" (left and center) and "Froggy's First Jump."

The photo on the left gives you at least some idea of the nice view we had of the valley where we were dancing.

Lunch and, er, rest

Alas, the forces of merriment were too much for this brave fellow. Rise again, and fight thy battle!

Last stop: Higgins Armory Museum, Worcester, Mass.

Not the most ideal location for photography, unfortunately, but once everyone was done figuring out where and when to do stuff (left), the full assemblage of teams did just fine. [Apologies to Ha'Penny Morris, Newtowne Morris and Still River Sword for their absence in these performance pix. Simply nothin' good came out.]