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The Red Herring Morris Day of Dance 2003

(AKA "DoD or "The Dawd")

May 10

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Morning stand at the Salem (Mass.) Town Common: L-R, The Gay Blades, Ha'Penny Morris, Heartwood Morris, Red Herring Morris

Left to right: Charles River Rapper prepares to take the stage; the Bassett Street Hounds, supplemented by a couple of members of MOTley Morris; a pair of Bassett Street Puppies (compare to last year).

Lunch at Salem Beer Works, with our usual half-time entertainment: Gay Blades performs its "rapper-hankie" dance; Ha'Penny's Edmund Robinson serenades the buffet table; rapper for three.

Afternoon stand at Essex Street Mall in Salem, which featured Midnight Capers (second from left) in their border morris get-ups.

Red Herring performs "Over the Hills and Far Away." There also was massed morris and massed rapper dancing, but at least one Hound did not seem very impressed.

We did our brief stop at Red Rocks Park by the sea in Lynn, where the Hounds presented their now-traditional "tidal pool dance," and then it was dinner and music for the rest of the evening.