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My OLV hotties!

Ah yes, some people that i ACTUALLLY know, kinda wellz! So here are Jeffrey and Allan, they are the hottest mofos ever, oo yessss! They were pimpin' all the gals at OLV!!

Ah yes, tis Jeffrey, one of the hottest mofos i know. Now, Jeffrey is a church goer, and we used to light candles in the morning, if you know what i mean hehe. And see that blonde hair in the bottom right of his picture, it was probably some ho that was all over him (by the way, that blonde is me).

Ah yes, this is Allan, he has the best bod out of anyone I have known! He is an Arabian pimp on the side. He also has a tendency to *pretend* to be gay, but we all know he's really not, don't worry ladies.
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