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Here is a page full of people that i find hot, enjoy!

This is a guy whose name is Chris, his name is Bright on the tv show, Everwood, on WB Monday nights at 9.

This is Gregory Smith, also from Everwood. He was also in Small Soldiers, and American Outlaws. His name on Everwood is Ephram. In real life he is 19 years old.

I LOVE this boy, i forgot his name.. but he's a basketball player on the Maryland team, ahh! he's so hot, he's in my locker!

This is Kenny Chesney, he is the hottest country singer ever, he sings "She thinks my tractor's sexy"!! its the bestttt song!! Go and download it, if you havn't yet!

AH! this is Brooks, he is the hottest mofo i know! (cuz i actually sorta kinda know him). See we spent a long night in a hotel together (not like that..). Yes, he is the hottttttest!!!!!!!!!!

My Hot OLV boys!
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