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My Homies

I shall introduce my homie G's. Here they are:

Since Peanut is here, she shall be firstest
Yes, this is me and joslin, and no, this picture has not been edited. I normally am much taller than Joslin and wear ugly boy shirts, my body looks a bit like Alex's (mentioned in the hatred page). She is a queeeerdo, and needs to stop grabbing my cell phone at the minute (and cell phone ACTUALLLY means cell phone) (that was for all u sick minds (like me) out there). Her name is Peanut, and I am Salmon. Behold. and we are advised often to GET OFF THE RUNWAY. Her turn ons are dressing rooms, and mine are bathrooms (keep that in mind). Fare thee wellz is our favorite good-bye expression.

Next is my Homie G, Lexy This is me and Alexandra at graduation. She is the bestest ever. (besides joslin who is giving me sad/evil looks right now) She is an overgrown cow, and I am an unemployed Chicken, we fight the baker together.

This is another picture of me and her, while we are transformed into my other self. Fare thee wellz.

This one is of my graduating class, and pretty much everyone is my friend in these pictures
Here is Hope, Lexy, and Me And here is Hope (Magical Toad), Lexy (Overgrown cow) and Moi (Unemployed Chicken)
Here is most of my graduating class, and Lavinia (who's goin to VISI next year, woo hoo!!)
Here is a pic from Joslin's party, which was the FUNNEST ever!! And every1 in this pic is my friend, cept those 3 random boys, who we dont kno that well...
This is Jesus, he is my homeboy! (as the shirt that lex gave me says). Yay!

Ah, i am tired of this (dont worry, i hav more friends, ill update later)

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