Spade Family American Military Veterans (77)
Spade Family American Military Veterans (77)
"I, (name), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic...." If you have said these words as part of your oath of allegiance into one of the branches of the American armed forces, Thank You.

Welcome to our Spade Family in America web page honoring our (deceased) descendants and the spouses of Spade descendants of Anton and Rosina Dorothea (Wolf) Spade who have served the United States in our armed forces. Spade family descendants have honorably and courageously served in the military from the Civil War to the present.

This family will NEVER FORGET the sacrifices and patriotism demonstrated by our sons and daughters--either active, guard or reserves--and their immediate families. We thank you now and forever for keeping America free. You are our heroes and are an enduring example for all Americans. If you are a family member and would like to learn more about your family genealogy, have some information changed or added about your Veteran, or if you have one of our highly sought after missing Veteran photographs, please email us at "Click" on this white-lettered title "Spade Family in America" to visit our Web Site and please sign our Guestbook.

NOTE: Even if we have no photograph, there is still information about this Veteran in the photo caption. Click on the "thumbnail" photo on the right to highlight their photo/detail below. Click on the "View Full-Size Image" link for a larger photo. To save a copy of the Full-Size photo on your hard drive, right click your mouse and select "Save Picture as" and click "Save." Women Veterans are listed by their Maiden name.

Spade, John Edgar
(1938 - 2005) 
**Please send a photo of him in uniform** John was the son of Clifford Merrill & Gladys Elizabeth (Miller) Spade and the grandson of John Leonard & Gertrude Berthena (Palmer) Spade. He served our country in the United States Army and was awarded a Purple Heart.

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