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Jam Sessions

Our Jam Sessions of acoustic, old time and traditional music resumes at the Old Mill in Bushwood, MD. Musicians and friends are invited to gather around 7 p.m. on the 2nd Friday and at 4 on the last Sunday of each month for music, conversation and lots of fun.Facebook

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Contra Dancing is an old European dance form which has changed over the centuries in the United Kingdom, France, and the United States. The dances are led by a caller and involve steps which are repeated and easily mastered. It's a great way to meet people since partners change through the course of one song. It's good exercise, too!
Admission is Mon-members: $8.00, Members: $6.00, children under 12 are free. Additional Information

Square Dancing: Aqua Squares is a square dance club that meets in Lusby, Maryland at the Southern Community Center. Please explore our website to find information about our club. For directions to the Southern Community


Irish Set Dancing

Follow the Directions link to the home of Preston and Diane Clark, 25950 Morganza-Turner Road, Morganza, MD.

Classes and dancing by Diane Clark who brings her knowledge of traditional Irish social dancing to Southern Maryland. Now you can dance to the reels, jigs, slides, and polkas just like they do it in the pubs of Ireland. It's easy and fun - right from the start. Singles and beginners are welcome. Come and explore an exciting new world of social dancing with SMTMD. 



Call (301) 475-3542 or (301) 769-3840 for more information.

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