Svenska Limpa Catering

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What's that song?  Oh, puh-leeez.

This SLC section of the website is dedicated 

to our beloved Wolf

who came up with 

"Svenska Limpa Catering"

What is the SLC?

The SLC is an offshoot of The Urban Legends Reference Pages, aka snopes, run by Barbara and David Mikkelson.  Note that is snopes, lower case.  Always.  The ULRP (oops, parmee) is a discussion and research site (and a damn good one, too) where you can learn:

  • Is this email warning for real?

  • FOAF, origin of species

  • Can I let my child play in a McDonald's ball pit or will he / she die from being stabbed with a heroin-filled syringe?

  • Can I blow up a seagull with Alka-Seltzer?

  • Why can't I get a date on Friday night?

  • Did we really land on the moon or was it filmed on the Navajo reservation?

  • Are there secret clubs at Disneyland?  Are they as much fun as the SLC?  (No.)

The SLC, on the other hand, is less of a research site than a place to hang out and pick each others' brains, sometimes with entertaining results.  SLC members are bright, articulate, resourceful, funny and disinclined to start flame wars.  That doesn't mean they don't defend their opinions.  It just means the answer you get is less likely to consist of only four letters.

Okaaaay, but you still haven't explained what SLC stands for.

Well, that might be because we don't know, either.  The SLC was originally a site where the regular posters would bet on which Urban Legends would be the first to appear on the main board that week.  Thus , it was the "Urban Legends Reference Pages Pool (as in gambling) Party."

The SLC part came after someone on the main board whined that the place seemed be controlled by a "Secret Liberal Cabal" -- one that wouldn't automatically accept the codswallop said whiney poster was putting up.

Now we come to "Svenska Limpa" -- are you lost yet?

Svenska Limpa.  Chee, what a concept to reduce to words.  I don't know if I can do this.  Svenska Limpa, of course, is Swedish rye bread and very good rye bread, too.  It's made with orange peel and light rye flour and is as unlike German rye bread as you can get.

Aside from that, the sound of the words Svenska Limpa enchanted the people who hung out at the Pool.  Whether this had anything to do with a fabled radio announcer making the bread sound like a cure for "When Sven's gone limp-a" is unknown.

What is known is that the term has entered our vocabulary as meaning nonsense, and should soon be found in reputable internet terminology dictionaries everywhere, along with "NFBSK" (see below).


Read Illudium Phosdex on Svenska Limpa


Read Ingeborg Nordén on SLC and NFBSK  


Want to see what other SLC posters guessed that SLC stood for?

Amy Jo Salt Lake City
Bubble Sexy Librarians Club
Starla Salacious Lapdancing Cooperative, Smell Like Cheese
Beverly H Sarcastic Little Clique
edith d bunkeR Salacious Lapdacing Cooperative (damn that n); Super Lunatics in Cahoots; Surely Looking for Conundrums; Several Loony Crackpots; Shergold, "Lots of business cards" Craig; Seriously taLented Cooks
BDU Seriously Literary Crowd, Sierra Lima Charlie
Rhapsody Angel Somewhat Lunatic Conservatives; Silently Lurking Cantabrigians; Slowly Leaking Catboats; Slimeballs Leaching Canapes; Sirens Luring Capuchins
tdn Suburban Legend reCipes
Headcheese Squalidly Leftist Centrists
Slacker Sharing with Learned Colleagues
Jon Up North Sexually Liberated Cannibals
Sam Samuel L. Clemens
Blaze Seriously Laughing till i Choke!!! Still Lame and Confused
Taoman So Little Content
MIB snopes urban Legend Channel, Susy deLucCi
Muck Southern Louisiana Cathouse
Rosa Serial Lapdances Comped; Seriously Lewd Conversation; Shrieking, Laughing and Carousing; Straight Line Conservatives; Silly Little Critters

  .... and, the winner:

  • Svenska Limpa Catering

  • Screw Loose Collective

  • Seriously Languishing Career

  • Studded Leather Collars

  • snopes Loves Cynics

  • Szechwan Literary Club

  • Shiny Little Critters

COOL.  Now what does "NFBSK" mean?

Well, that was another poster complaining that the language and subject matter in some of our posts was unsuitable for reading "by British schoolchildren."  With a little alteration, the acronym "Not For British School Kids" began to be used as a warning that the contents of the attached post might not get past your Net Nanny.

You can see how much we've learned from complaining board posters.  I guess that's why we keep trying to piss them off.     Back

NFBSK News Flash!

This just in from Barbara.  The term does not come from any of the above sources.  It has nothing to do with us or our audience.  Why, the very idea is nothing but an egotistical posturing on our parts because, you see, what NFBSK reeeeeeely means is ......

Never Fear -- Barbara & snopes Know

so now we gotta spell it NFBsK ( ... thanks LIsA !)

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