A computer term meaning "Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard."

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Unhostile Takeovers

Eyeball Kid and Bailey

I have a Pug dog named Bailey. She's awesome. She doesn't answer to the name Bailey, for some reason...she does answer to "Gump" (as in "Hey Gump, don't eat that!") or "Monkey-face" and my favorite "Boob."  Imagine grown people, intellectual people, calling their dog "Boob."

Wolf Babies

Boris, lying down (aka Mister, aka Rass-Man) and Natasha (aka Bonehead, aka Sturdy Girl). He's been with us since he was 5 weeks, and she was a pound rescue

The Hedgehog Club

HedgeGirl's Puddles

This is Puddles, the hedgehog, one of the reasons for my screen name.

Kendra's Hampton

My hedgehog Hampton with his pom pom Easter friends

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