Edith D Bunker and Family

Edith, that inspiration and a help, keeps turning up at the art museum

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van_dyck_isabella_brandt_uffizi.jpg (26774 bytes)

Edith D Bunker, a splendid and gentle woman

Van Dyck's portrait of Isabella Brandt, first wife of Peter Paul Reubens, 1620, Uffizi Museum

david_henri_amedee_de_turenne.jpg (18190 bytes)

A very young Archie D Bunker holding his breath and wishing he could undo those NFBSKing waistcoat buttons

Count Henri-Amédée-Mercure de Turenne, Jacques Louis David, 1816

Archie D Bunker and Edith happily filling the head table at a celebrity roast for Wolf and tomc

Monsieur Antoine Mongez and Madame Angélique Monguez by Jacques Louis David, 1812

david_antoine_mongez.jpg (23966 bytes)

Edith, enjoying the heck out of herself, as usual

Newly discovered drawing of Isabella Brandt by Rubens

rubens_isabella_brandt_drawing.jpg (41806 bytes)

ingres_monsieur_bertiin.jpg (18372 bytes)

Archie, getting ready to do battle with an impudent, research resistant, fleabitten little snot-nosed poster.

Monsieur Bertin, by Ingres

ingres_de_tournon.jpg (35732 bytes)

Edith D Bunker, after the powder puff accident

Comtesse de Tournon, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, 1814

Edith and Archie's eldest son, Barry M. Inresearch

Baron de Vialetes de Mortarieu by Ingres

ingres_baron_vialetes_de_mortarieu.jpg (11194 bytes)

Edith, purging her spam mailbox

Mme. Severine by Lous Welden Hawkins, 1895

hawkins_louis_welden_mme_severine_1895.jpg (25736 bytes)

rubens_self_portrait_with_isabella_brandt.jpg (36699 bytes)

Archie and Edith, holding hands and not giving a damn about what Dr. Laura thinks

Self-portrait with Isabella Brandt by Rubens

van_dyck_isabella_colonade.jpg (27588 bytes)

A vaguely impressionistic portrait of Edith, given as a gift from a grateful group of third formers in the United Kingdom 

Portrait of Isabella Brandt by Van Dyck as a gift to Rubens

banks_alan_r_hannah.jpg (6759 bytes)

Edith and Archie's daughter, Ida Thoughtsotu

Hannah, by Alan R. Banks

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