Anecdotal Evidence

... as if we needed any ... that the Pool posters are a little more literate and slightly more tetched than average.  Here are some of the things we skim off the top before the pool boy gets here.


Latin Glurge  

Autolycus Computer Difficulty -- Armageddon?
Autolycus Davis North got Hot Urine 
Autolycus Student Eats Pancakes, Crow 
Cameron D Halloween Costumes 
DIF ( I think) Bugger 
DIF ( I think, too) Hot Dog 
Illudium Phosdex The Origin of Svenska Limpa 
Lackwit ULs of the Future
Rhapsody Angel The Last Halloween with B.G.
Rosa Reminds me of a story ....
Rosa There was this spaceship ....
SDFarmBoy Balls 
tdn Gay Head (tdn Goes to the Beach)
Xaa Serenity Prayer  

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