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Tina Marie

Hey everyone. My name is Tina Marie. I do like money, but not as much as I like me. Here is a teeny biography about myself:

Name: Tina Nolastname
Age: 13
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Color: Purple
Animal: Monkey
Pets: Cats; Nelly, Cat. Dogs; Sarge. Hamsters; Cheerio. Turtles; Myrtle
Siblings: Sisters: Jessica, 8; Brothers: Bobby, 15
BFFL: Alyssa
BFs: Rachel, Amanda, Nicole, Andi B, Amy.

That's about it.


A journal entry

Whenever I feel like it, I decided that I'm gonna put an entry from my website on here. Just a random entry from Don't know why though. LOL.

    Oh my god. My sister is such a spoiled brat! Her dad got her a 2 speaker 5 CD change sterio. For no reason. She goes to his house every weekend, and he buys her so much stuff! She barely listens to musc anyhow, and gets this huge cd player! All I've got is a one-cd/cassete boom box. But my mom's giving me her 3 CD change sterio, so that makes up a bit. But when in hell is she ever going to use THAT! I mean seriously. But it's better to be pissed off then pissed on, so I'll just have to deal with this until I move out. But yesterday me and my brother took advantage of her and got her to like, clean my room, look for this playstation cable thing. But still! It's huge!
I have to go back to school tomorrow. Great. I have a speech due about some book I didn't even start reading. Actually it was due last week. And I have no idea what I am going to do. But actually I don't care. I don't care a bit about school. I just want it to die. LOL. But this is only because of that dumb Assistanct Principal. And my teachers. And some stupid kids. Ok the whole thing is full of hate. See, I come to school like, 1 second late a few days and piss the teachers a bit and end up in a Student Assistance program, 9th period study group, in schools, detentions, and all this dumb stuff I really don't deserve. But as the song goes, I'm a fighter and ain't gonna fall unless I fall reaching.


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