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cassidy family photos 1870's to 1940's
cassidy family photos 1870's to 1940's
These photos are of the Cassidy family members (Daniel Cassidy II operated the Cleveland Roller Mill from 1913 to the 1940's) as well as the Huber and Daugherty families during this time period as well. The Cassidy's are related to both these families by marriage.
Cassidy home near Cleveland Roller Milll early 1920's
Cassidy home near Cleveland Roller Milll early 1920's 
people from left: Regina Lansing, addie huber cassidy (she died shortly after childbirth in 1924,) Albert, Walter, Dan lll, Cecilia holding Pat (he died in 1939,) Alice Mary, Francis Meyer Huber (Addie's Mother,) Will Lansing and Dan Cassidy ll (Jr.)
cassidy family photos 1870's to 1940's
Cleveland roller mill Museum

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Just happened to key in a search for "Cassidy and Daugherty," and the "Mill" site was retrieved. I don't remember seeing this photo before (probably have, but just forgot). It's fascinating to see the "Poor Farm" (my mother's affectionate name for the house) prior to the front porch having been added. Question: when was the house originally built? Johnny
Johnny | | October 15, 2006

Aunt Riggie is Regina Huber Lansing who is the wife of Will Lansing. Great Gramma is Francis Meyer Huber, the mother of Addie Huber Cassidy and Regina Huber Lansing.
Art Huber | | January 15, 2012

I am very interested in the Cassidy's as my grandfather and grandmother were helped by the Cassidy family and also want to know if there is any connection with my maternal grandmothers family - the Padilla?

Thank you
Yorba Vigil
Yorba Vigil | | January 02, 2015