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cassidy family photos 1870's to 1940's
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Huber family in Iowa about 1870 
we are researching the identities. help us out here.

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Photo labeled "Huber family in Iowa about 1870" This picture was actually taken on July 8, 1906, just a few days after Cecelia Huber and Dan Cassidy were married. The photo shows the children of Philip J. Huber and Frances (Meyer) Huber. Back row: Fred Huber, Edward Huber, Joseph Huber, and Leo Huber. Middle row: Adelaide (Huber) Cassidy, Anna (Huber) Hemesath, Regina (Huber) Lansing, Cecelia (Huber) Cassidy, and Clara Huber (Sister Marie Philip). Front row: Albert Huber, Michael Huber.

Terry Chism

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