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cassidy family photos 1870's to 1940's
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Dan Cassidy and 1st wife Cecilia 
Cecilia Huber and he had one child, Phillip, she died from childbirth related problems in march 1909. Her sister Adelaide later came to New Mexico and married Dan. They had 8 children together of which 5 survived into adulthood

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Our family history shows that Dan and Cecelia Cassidy had two children -- Msgr. Phillip and Susan. Susan was born on 01/23/09 and died on 10/13/21 of spinal meningitis. According to our records, Dan and Addie had seven children; five of whom lived to adulthood. Let me know if you'd like any more details from our documents, and also if you think this information might be incorrect.

terry chism

Terry your information is correct. dan cassidy

folk/roller_mill | April 27, 2012