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cassidy family photos 1870's to 1940's
cassidy family photos 1870's to 1940's
These photos are of the Cassidy family members (Daniel Cassidy II operated the Cleveland Roller Mill from 1913 to the 1940's) as well as the Huber and Daugherty families during this time period as well. The Cassidy's are related to both these families by marriage.
Huber girls in Iowa
Huber girls in Iowa 
please help identify them
cassidy family photos 1870's to 1940's
Cleveland roller mill Museum

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Photo labeled "Huber girls in Iowa" Not sure of the date or occasion for this picture, but here's who's who: Back row: Regina (Huber) Lansing, Cecelia (Huber) Cassidy, Anna (Huber) Hemesath. Front row: Adelaide (Huber) Cassidy, Clare Huber (Sister Marie Philip).

Terry Chism
folk/roller_mill | Terry Chism [] | April 27, 2012

Back left is our grandmother Adalaide.
Catherine specht | | May 23, 2012

Daniel, the back left is our grandmother Adalaide . Center is Celia. Others Terry is right.
Cathy | May 23, 2012