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Acacia Burn for altar offering, use with meditation, aids psychic powers, inspiration, protection, Lughnassadh passage.
Acorn Used in workings to bring about fertility.
Agate To bring insight or help deal with a dangerous situation.
Agrimony To dispell hostile Magick or returning it to sender, protection, promotes sleep, calming.
Alder Use to entice the Elemental Air.
Allspice Burn for prosperity.
Almond Use when need to invoke the energies of Jupiter, use for clairvoyance & divination.
Amaranth Immortality, spirit communication, death passage, use at Samhain.
Angelica Sprinkle around house to ward off negativity, protection (this herb is one of the most powerful protective herbs known to Western natural Magick, divination, serves to bring energies of healing and blessing on a person or place.
Anise Purification, protection, aids psychic power, divination, seeking answers, entices spirits to aid in spells/spirit contact, deflection of negativity.
Apple Connection to the Underworld, rebirth, immortality, food for the dead, use at Samhain, love, health, chases off disturbing dreams & provides protection in the dream state, banishing & exorcism.
Asafoetida Exorcism & protection, banishing, drive off spirits, purify.
Ash Protection, healing, prosperity, prophetic dreams, passage, use at Beltane, health, insight.
Asphodel Used in workings directed toward the dead, assists the dead in their transition.
Avens Exorcism, purification, love.
Banana Fertility, prosperity.
Barley Fertility, offering to the Faeries.
Basil Protection, purification, courage, used as an incense in invocations to Mars, wealth, love, repels negativity, used to banish fear, weakness & confusion.
Bay Used at Yule & Imbolc, psychic power, strength, purification healing, burn when using wish Magick.
Bayberry (POISONESS) Use as scented candles, transition.
Bay Laurel (POISONESS IF CONCENTRATE) Protection, divination.
Beans Use to dispell spirits, divination, clairvoyance.
Belladonna (POISONESS) Use at Samhain, astral travel, psychic powers, visions, love.
Benzoin Purification, prospertity, exorcism, use in meditation for balance and inner growth.
Bergamot Sucess.
Beryl To bring sucessful end to conflict, Faery contact, protection against hostile Magick.
Betony Burn at Litha for protection, banish hostile Magick & malevolent spirits, prevent nightmares, house protection, psychic awareness.
Birch Protection, purification, wards negativity.
Blackberry Use at Lughnassadh, protection, health, prosperity.
Blackthorn Defence, deflect negativity, retribution, protection, Otherworld contact, returns evil to the sender.
Boneset Exorcism, protection, deflection.
Borage Protection, psychic powers, courage.
Briar Protection, dreams, divination, clairvoyancy, enhance a witch's powers, defence.
Broom Purification (sweep the circle), hang indoors for protection (Faeries do not like this plant).
Bryony Increase witch's power, protection.
Burdock Wards negativity, protection, purification, healing.
Camphor Used to invoke the Moon.
Caraway Worn as amulet or hung in the home to discourage theives.
Cardamon Burn for love spells, use in love sachets.
Carnation Protection, strength, offering to Goddess.
Carnelian Help overcome shyness, protection of depressive effects.
Catnip Love, cat Magick, relaxant before clairvoyancy/vision work, protection, effective charm for a woman that wishes to become pregnant.
Cedar Purification, banish hostile spirits, invaluable in exorcism, sucess.
Celandine Visionary, prophetic dreams.
Centaury Banish hostile Magick, good for general Magick, use to open up the Magickal states of consciousness, provides additional force to any spells
Chamomile Meditation, rest, purification, calmness, prosperity, protection, blessing, healing, medicinal, visionary/dreamwork.
Cherry Creativity, chips are burnt at Sabbats.
Chicory Silence, secrecy.
Cinnamon Invoke the Elemental Fire, clear away inner or outer limits, protection, spiritual & psychic powers, sucess.
Cinquefoil General Magick to increase strength, prosperity, protection, purification, divination dreams.
Citron Eat to increase psychic ability.
Clary Sage Use for clarity of sight in divination/psychic/vision work, calming, relaxing.
Clove Burn for wealth, purification, wards negitivity, banishing/releasing, exorcism, protection.
Coltsfoot Use to heighten visonary experience & to assist Magickal dreamwork.
Comfrey Healing, carry for safe travel, use for workings connected with Saturn.
Coriander Health, protection.
Cumin Prevents theft, burn for protection.
Cypress Banishing/releasing, binding, death, immortality, eternity.
Daffodil Protection, banish hostile energies.
Daisy Grown to attract positive attention from nature spirits of all kinds, love, protection.
Damiana Vision work, healing.
Dandelion Psychic power, spirit contact, Otherworld connections, protection.
Dianthus (Carnation) Protection, power, health, regeneration.
Dill Seeds draw money, leaves for protection, flower for love, also used for banishing, blessing, rational thinking.
Dittany Of Crete Astral travel, spirit communication, powerful materializing effect, used when needing to summon spirit into full visiable appearance (not into a mirror or crystal).
Dragon's Blood Binding, changes, courage, energy, strength, power, exorcism, protection.



Wards negative thoughts, blessing, use flowers as altar offering, use berries as Esbat wine, protection, banishing/releasing, defence, deflection, retribution, use at Litha, visions, spirit contact, healing, exorcism.
Elecampane Contact with nature spirits, psychic powers, divination, Otherworld contact.
Elm Attracts elves, love, attracts Faery contact, heightens dreamwork, energy, protection.
Eyebright Use as charm for clarity & insight, drink when suffering from depression or when beginning a period of study/aids mental powers.
Fennel Protection, blessing, healing, sucess, hung over doors at Litha, ward negativity, purification.
Fern Burn indoor for protection, burn outdoors for rain, banishing/releasing, exorcism, use at Samhain & for the Otherworld.
Feverfew Wards sickness, wards accidents in travel.
Fir Use at Yule & for the Underworld.
Foxglove (POISONESS) Defence, protection, return to sender, deflection.
Frankincense Protection, blessing, spirituality, meditation, power, anointing, strength, energy, exorcism, use at Yule, Beltane & Lughnassadh, consecration, vision work.
Fumitory Exorcism, purification, banish hostile spirits, special connection with the energies of the Earth.
Furze Burn at Ostara for protection, preparation for conflict.
Garlic Braid of garlic hung in the kitchen will keep hostile forces at bay & bring health & happiness, flowers for altar offering, cloves for protection, exorcism, ward negativity, healing.
Ginger Protection, healing, love, sucess, psychic power, exorcism, deflection, return to sender, spirit contact.
Hawthorn Protection, enhance witch's power, use at Beltane, wards negativity, attract Faeries, use in fertility Magick.
Hazel Use to invoke wisdom, healing, protection, luck, invoke Otherworld aid, enhance witch's power.
Heather RED : use to start or end an affair, WHITE: protection, PURPLE : spiritual development & invite spirits at Samhain.
Hellebore (POISONESS) Use for ritual of Magickal invisibility, blessings & protections for animals, vision work, psychic power, exorcism, astral travel.
Hemlock (POISONESS) Purification, protection, astral travel, consecration.
Henbane (POISONESS) Use to invoke Saturn or Earth energies & the powers of the Underworld, spirit contact.
High John The Conqueror Protection, banish hostile Magick & spirits, use as charms for love, luck and sucess.
Holly (POISONESS) Protection, banish hostile spirits & spells, energy, strength, power, insight, deflection.
Hops Vision work, promote Magickal dreams, health, aids sleep.
Horehound Use of this brings Mercury energies into most kinds of natural Magick, brings clarity to the mind & heightens intuition.
Horsetail Fertility Magick, invocations of Saturn.
Houndstongue Silence, secrecy, control the energies of Mercury in ritual.
Houseleek Protection against lightning & storms, aids weather Magick.
Hyssop Protection, purification, wards negativity, cleansing.
Ivy Use for any work that involves Saturnine qualities.
Jasmine Aphrodesiac qualities, love Magick, protection, healing, anointing, balance, use at Ostara, divination, dreams, insight, astral projection.
Jimsonweed (POISONESS) Deflection, return to sender, ward negativity, protection.
Juniper Berry Purification, chases off lingering spirits at end of ritual, deterrent to theft, vision work, spirit contact, exorcism.
Kelp Psychic powers, wind spells, protection.
Lady's Mantle Use to invoke any feminine form of the divine, strengthens the working and improves the focus of any spell.
Lady's Slipper Wards negative energy, return to sender, protection, deflection.
Lavender Stimulant to the psychic and visionary senses, use for vision work, Magickal dreamwork, meditation, calming, energizing, attracts elves, purification, peace, love, use at Litha as an offering, anointing, exorcism, use to honor Ancient Ones, cleansing, Sidhe contact, opens psychic centers, spirit contact.
Leek Use in weather Magick, protection against lightning.
Lemon Balm Oldest medicinal herb, sucess, health, love.
Lettuce Use for Magickal workings with the Elemental Water, mild sedative.
Lilac Use with the Underworld, use at Beltane, exorcism, protection, cleansing.
Linden Immortality, protection, use with the Underworld, good fortune, sleep, love, relaxant, use with Magickal dreamwork & other visionary states.
Loosestrife PURPLE : restores harmony, brings peace.
Lovage Love Magick, fertility charms for gardens/fields.
Mandrake (POISONESS) Use for calling upon spirits, communication with the dead, spirit offering, exorcism, protective watcher.
Marigold (Calendula) Use in marriage spells, clairvoyant dreams, protection, enhanced pyschic powers, divination, Faery offering, use at Beltane & Mabon, consecration.
Marjoram Love, protection, wealth.
May-Apple (POISONESS) Spirit contact, death, spirit offering.
Mastic Spirit contact, enhance psychic powers, strength.
Mint Protection, prosperity, use as altar offering for helpful spirits.
Mistletoe Fertility, creativity, Magickal amplifier, potent protective powers, banishes disruptive spirits & hostile Magick.
Moonwart Love, divination, prosperity.
Motherwort Protection (esp. against hostile Magick), strengthens the wearer (if worn) & helps banish depression.
Mouse-Ear Controls the energies of Mars, banish hostility/quarreling/violence, dispells hostile Magick, consecration.
Mugwort (Artemesia) Psychic power, dreams, banishing/releasing, divination, cleansing, Magick mirrors & crystal balls, use at Litha, astral projection, strength, protection, healing.
Mullien Energy, courage, exorcism, divination, protection, return to sender, deflection, health.
Mustard Fertility, health, protection.
Myrrh Protection, wards negativity, purification, consecration, blessing, use at Mabon & Imbolc, exorcism, power.
Nettle Protection, exorcism, return to sender, deflection, courage.
Nightshade (POISONESS) Use as amulet to protect against Magickal attack.
Nutmeg Use for Moon & Sea Magick, Magickal dreamwork, prosperity.
Oak "Tree Of Power" in Ancient symbolism, energy, use in Weather Magick/Earth Magick, burn leaves to purify the atmosphere, burn wood for good health, strength, power, protection, wards negative energy.
Oats Wealth, offering for the God.
Orange Use to invoke the Sun, protection, peels for love, incense for good fortune, divination.
Oregano Love, protection, wealth.
Orris Root Power, protection, divination, deflection.
Paprika Protection, wards malevolent energy, deflection.
Parsley Use when dealing Magickally with the souls of the dead or afterlife, purification, protection.
Patchouli Use at Samhain, use with the Underworld & passage, use incense for drawing money, fertility.
Pecan Prosperity.
Pennyroyal (POISONESS) Immortality, reincarnation, use at ceremonies to lesson fear of death, help with the recently deceased with their transition to the afterlife, deflection, power, protection, wards negative energy.
Pepper Grow for protection, wards negativity.
Peppercorn Protection, power, deflection, exorcism.
Pine Brush outdoor ritual area with a branch to purify and sanctify, burn for cleansing, use pine needles in money spells.
Plantain Place under pillow to drive away nightmares & evil spirits.
Pomegranate Use with Underworld, passage, hidden wealth, attainment, protection, deflection, secret knowledge.
Purple Heather Peace, cleansing, spiritual attainment, use at Samhain, Imbolc & Lughnassadh.
Rose Love Magick, awaken deeper aspects of love (compassion and devotion).
Rosemary Use with Moon or Sea Magick, protection, banish nightmares & hostile spirits, purification, wards negativity, love, health, grow to attract elves, blessing, consecration, courage, exorcism, strength, cleansing, use with Otherworld, Sidhe contact.
Rowan Protection, banish hostile spirits & hostile Magickal workings, purification, divination, grow to protect home, inspiration, burn in fire to call upon spirits for help.
Rowan Wood (Mountain Ash) Binding, divination, secret knowledge, calling upon spirits, calling upon the Sidhe for aid, psychic power, protection.
Rue (POISONESS) Exorcism, health, enhance Magicks, return to sender, deflection, retribution, wards malevolent & negative energies, protection, purification, banish spirits, blessing, consecration.
Saffron Use in meals for rituals of the Sun.
Sage Purification, cleansing, protection, wisdom, health, immortality, spirit and Otherworld offering, exorcism, use at Yule & Mabon.
Sandalwood Meditation, intuitive power, protection, spirit contact, exorcism, wards negativity, use to invoke the Elemental Air, vision workings.
Savory Help chase away glum moods & bring happiness, love Magick.
Skullcup Protection, healing, passage to the Underworld.
Soloman's Seal Consecration, charges, fixative qualities, use as an offering to the Elementals for their aid, protection.
St.John's Wort Burn at Litha to send away negativity, wear for invincibility, health, willpower, banishing/releasing, use with Otherworld, power, protection, bunch of herb hung over door in house will protect against hostile Magick & spirits.
Star Anise Burn for psychic power, good fortune.
Straw Attracts Faeries, do not burn Magick-infused straw as it will bring ill fortune, protection of an area.
Strawberry Use to invoke the energies of Venus.
Tamarisk Exorcism, divination, deflection, return to sender.
Tansy Immortality (helps recently deceased with their transition), use flowers for Otherworld offering, health.
Thistle Protection, warding/changing bad luck, use at Mabon, exorcism, deflection of negative energies, return to sender, spirit contact.
Thyme Protection, attracts Faeries, purification, use in healing spells, wards negativity, use at Litha, psychic power, use with Otherworld.
Trefoil Use to decorate altar, protection, luck.
Tumeric Protection, cleansing, purification.
Turnip Use as Samhain lanterns, wards negative energies, protection, passage, rebirth.

Unicorn Root (Ague Root)

Protection, return to sender, exorcism.
Valerian Purification, protection, cleansing, consecration, blessings, power, purging, releasing.
Vervain (Verbena) Burn at Litha, use as altar offering, love, purification, creativity, wards psychic attack, aids visionary work, protection, inspiration, added to spells for increased effect.
Vetivert Love, money, wards negativity, deflection, wards malevolence, retribution
Wheat Fertility, wealth.
Willow Death, Underworld, passage, deflection, spirit contact, protection, love.
Woodruff Changes, clear barriers, overcome obstacles, protection, use at Beltane, sucess, psychic awareness.
Wormwood (Absinthe) (POISONESS) Binding, divination, exorcism, use at Samhain, spirit evocation, protection, dreams, psychic power, scrying, sacred to the Moon, purification, visionary work, use to seek prophetic visions of the future, banish negative forces, hinder hostile Magick.
Yarrow (Arrowroot) Love Magick, marriage, exorcism, releasing, divination, psychic power, protection, dreams, guidance, courage, wards negativity, defence.
Yew (POISONESS) Protection against Spirits (esp. the dead), exorcism, laying a ghost to rest, spirit contact, transitions, death/rebirth, use with Underworld, use at Yule.