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Bath Milk to Nourish your Body

Cleopatra's Bath Milk has been Divinely engineered and designed for many purposes. It is produced in one of the most complex and integrated factories found on the planet and was first produced thousands of years ago, long before there ever was a Government. The tradition has been carried out through genetic engineering since the beginning of the race and may even to this day be improving with time.

That FACTORY is the humble and quiet JERSEY COW!

Many years ago there lived a beautiful woman called Cleopatra. Cleopatra was born in 69 BC in Alexandria, Egypt. When she was in her teens she accidently slipped and fell into a bath where she was making her supply of yoghurt for her many assistants at her home in Egypt. The bath was full of fresh, raw, unprocessed Jersey Milk which she used to drink, however she had never allowed her skin to come in contact with the milk. When she fell into the bath she felt sensuous and her skin felt wonderful, giving her one of the most radiant bodies in all of Egypt. That night she sent an email to Mark Antony in Rome and said, (it was recorded on the Papyrus Recorder at her ISP), "Mark Antony my love you must away with me one weekend for a bath in my new Jersey Cow's milk bath lotion. I am going to start a MLM Company and sell it as Cleopatra's Bath Milk. We will cream them all and you can leave that stuffy old Rome and we can head for a great life in the Caribbean, or even Hawaii!"

And that my friends is the legend of Cleopatra and the beginning of Cleopatra's Bath Milk. It is now available for you to purchase in South East Queensland if you can find a Distributor near you.

By The Way if you wish to use Cleopatra's Bath Milk to bathe in check these websites out for instructions!

“Milk is the ultimate opulent bathing indulgence. It dates back to Cleopatra, who used milk for its rich texture and moisturizing qualities. Cleopatra's Bath Milk uses real milk proteins in the formulations to carry milk's intrinsic benefits forward. Milk is rich in vitamins A, D, and E. This rich structure offers beneficial hydrating qualities to increase skin's ability to retain moisture. Revitalizing vitamins in milk aid in strengthening skin's resistance to harsh elements. Milk also contains lactic acid that combats dehydrated skin while exfoliating outer layers of the epidermis. In addition, the organic milk is enriched with restorative, health giving "anti-stiffness factors" naturally occurring — delivering a rich creamy sensation of bathing in milk. The benefits of milk proteins deliver a beautifying boost — a distinctly luxurious bath.”

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