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Barbecue cooking is an interesting hobby that everyone can enjoy. After the cooking and feasting are done there are some useful suggestions that will increase your enjoyment as you continue to cook. Donít get discouraged if your first attempts donít produce professional quality barbecue. Even the pros have some failures. With experience you will get better.


All categories of barbecue freeze very well. Put left over barbecue in thick freezer bags along with some of the fat to help reduce freezer burn. Freezer bags alone will not stop the meat from drying out so wrap it up good.


Keep your cookers clean. Folks lose their appetite when they see a piece of meat cooking on a grill thatís caked up with black crud. It can break loose and get into your product with some bad flavor results.


Try to keep yourself clean and well groomed whenever you are serving.


Most of all remember to have fun.