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In competition our team is either hit or miss on this category and other cooking teams have the same problem with consistency. Pork rib is my favorite barbecue. Our cooking team uses 1-3/4 to 2 lb IBP or EXCEL loin back ribs packed air-tight in cryovac. If you want to save some money while cooking at home then spare ribs work ok. Pull off the membrane on the stomach side with a paper towel (for gripping action). Trim excess fat. For a rub we use Prime Cuts “KC Pork Rib Rub.” Several others will do fine including the “Chicken, Pork & Rib Barbecue Seasoning” with a little extra brown sugar added. For the finishing sauce we use store-bought Original KC Masterpiece.


Season the ribs about 2 hours before cooking. Do not over-season. The right amount should turn into a nicely colored red coating.


Start the charcoal and when it is burning cleanly add 4 chunks of cherry wood and 2 chunks of white oak. Cook at 215-225F. Operate the cooker as described in the “Barbecue Cooker Operation & Processes” section. The ribs should be ready in about 5-1/2 hours when the meat is tender enough to pull cleanly off the bones, but it should not be falling off the bones. The internal temperature should measure about 195F+. When the ribs are cooked right they should have a nice cherry-red glow to them. Take them off the cooker and brush on KC Masterpiece sauce. The sauce will soften up the crust. Slice the ribs cleanly into individual pieces with a sharp carving knife then serve.