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Gogos Petridis - Lyra / Vocals

He is know as the Patriarch of Pontian Lyra and music in general. Generations of lyrarides have taken his playing as gospel and still follow his steps as the proper way to play lyra. Gogo played his first wedding at 10 years old. He has 3 sons Kostaki, Sava and Stavri, who also play music. Gogo past away Easter 1984. Today you can find a life like statue of Gogo in front of his house at Kalamaria, Thessaloniki.

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Stavris Petridis - Lyra / Vocals

One of the Lyrarides from the mother country Pontos, Stavri had a simple playing method. He is renown for creating the famous song of "Ekagien ke to Tsambasin" and the "Afino gia".

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Michalis Kaliontzidis - Lyra / Vocals / Violin /

Originally from Kavala, then moved to Veria, Mihalaki travels from Athens to Thessaloniki constantly. He has 3 music schools and is himself a scholar in music. He is one of only few which has extended theoretical musical knowledge. (I think that's a wig !!)

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Kostas Theodosiadis - Lyra / Vocals

He is very good at singing and playing. Very popular amongst the younger generation. He has brought out the TRAPEZOUNDETKA series of CD's.

Giorgoulis Kougioumtzidis - Lyra / Vocals

Another of the old timers who's playing will not only remain in history but like his once teacher Gogo, his playing will remain as a guide line on how the music should be played. Nicknamed "Papou" he makes some appearances from time to time.


Kostakis Petridis - Lyra

The son of Gogo Petridis. He has his fathers gift, with the magical fingers and unbelievable doxari. Kostaki has made some recordings as well, and like his father all of them hits.

Andreas Kiougioumzidis - Lyra

The son of Giorgouli, he has taken up his fathers habits and continues the family name. He has made many recordings and like Kostaki Petridi became the Next generation of Pontian Lyra players in Greece.

Kostas Siamidis - Lyra

Kosta was seen by the world when he went on a very epic tour of Pontos in 1983 with the singer Chrisantho. You will find him playing at Parakath which he is a part-owner of with Vasiliadi and Kourtidi (Stavroupoly air bridge, Thessaloniki).

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Giannis Vlastaridis "Chanakalis" - Lyra / Vocals

One of the most loved and hated lyra players of all time. Renown for his ability to make up songs on the spot and add in swear words and rude things. Due to his bad habit of Alcohol and very heavy smoking, his voice was far from a crock. He finally past away in 2001. He lived and died in Kalamaria, Thessaloniki.

Dimitris Kougioumtzidis "Mitsos" - Lyra

Mitso is from the small village of Nea Zoi in Pella. He isn't seen allot lately because he only plays with Chrisantho. He was seen more during the 1980's.

Chrisanthos Theodoridis - Vocals

The best voice in Pontian Music ever. Due to his hormones Chrisantho has (had) a very high pitched voice. He is also in the GBOR for being the only one to sing a note (I don't know which one D# ???). He has made a multitude of recordings which he maintains in everyone of them a traditional style and sound. He left us in March 2005....

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Kostas Karapanagiotidis - Vocals

Now an old-timer, he became more renown once he made his record with Gogo in 1979. He has 3 choirs and is currently performing at clubs in Thessaloniki and Athens.

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Giannis Amarantidis - Touloum/ Gaval

The No1 Touloum in Greece. Was and probably still is a barber in his village of Ouchana also called Komnina. Made most of his recordings with the singer / Lyra player Georgos Amarantidis.

Giannis Kourtidis - Vocals

You will find him singing at Parakath which he is a part-owner of with Vasiliadi and Siamidi. Like Chrisantho Gianni had a very high pitched "distinctive" voice but it has lowered throughout the years. He still is great, and always pleasant to hear.

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Achilleas Vasiliadis - Vocals

You will find him singing at Parakath which he is a part-owner of with Kourtidi and Siamidi.

Panagiotis Alsanidis - Lyra / Vocals

A Lyrary from a young age he has inspired many with his fast moves and his famous Touloum lyra playing. You'll find his father walking the streets of Kalamaria.

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Georgos Sofianidis - Lyra / Vocals / Gaval / Touloum

Originally a Lyra player, he has excelled in the Touloum playing. A big favorite of the youth they love him at panigiria and festivals. He is great at getting a party started and going.

Alexis Parharidis - Vocals /Lyra

A big hit amongst the younger generation Pontians. He not only sings Pontian but also likes other Greek styles. He has sung with almost every lyrary and has a great "loveble" character. He was/is performing at the club "Serra" in Athens. He is originally form "Portoraz" but moves with the jobs, he also lived at Polihni at one stage.

Panagiotis Kongalidis - Lyra /Violine / Bouzouki

They call him Stavri Petridi 2, his fingers are like spiders running up and down the lyra. He can play any greek tune and dance from Thrace to Crete. Comes from Drama.

Georgos Amarantidis - Lyra / Vocals

Like many lyra players who moved to Athens, he became more famouse thanks to the Dora Statou dance school. He has made (& still is) many recordings. He mainly likes to play and sing "traditional" songs and styles. He originates from the village Alonakia, Macedonia.

Aristidis Mihailidis - Lyra

Like Kostaki and Andoni, Aristidis was the next generation of lyra players after the grates had come out. His greatest asset is his wife who was a student of his, she not only sings great, she also plays great lyra. He lives in Skidra of Pella, Macedonia.

Georgos Sidiropoulos - Vocals

Georgo has been around for a while, his trade mark was his beard but ever since he shaved people haven't been able to recognise him. His more famouse trade mark is the way he moves the microphone to a fro his mouth whilst he sings (wow wow effect). I think he opened a bar/shop in Thessaloniki were he sings currently.

Mbambis Iordanidis - Vocals

A younger generation singer, he has brought out some big hits. He tours with Mbabi Kemanatzidi, performs more at Pontian festivals at the moment.

Christos Chrisanthopoulos - Lyra / Vocals

Was from Edessa but lived in Thessaloniki. One of the most loved gentle souls, he will be greatly missed. A very talented individual he played with all the great names.

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States Nicolaidis - Vocals

Also known as the Pontian Opera singer. I personally think that he was at his best in his younger years with "Chanakali". He has made many and still is making many recordings. He is accompanied by his wife and lately his daughter.

Polihronidis - Percussion

One of the maddest Drummers in the Pontian scene. Very popular amongst the younger generation at the Pontian festivals. He lives in Thessaloniki. He also makes Ndaoulia and other instruments. He has been in many recordings as a ndaouly player.

Theodoros Pavlidis - Vocals/ Lyra

A very sweat voice he has been a very controversial singer with some of his songs. New songs that come out may have styles that some don't like, but other people do. He is also not afraid of saying what he thinks. I think that he has a great range of Karsilama / Tsifteteli type songs. He also played in some Pontian movies made by Vasipap. Lived in Thessaloniki he was performing at Avlea with Chrisantho. Tragicaly Killed in Car accident 16th of Sept. 2003.

Georgos Gievgelis - Percussion

The best percussionist in all of Greece. He originates from Goumenitsa but lives in Athens. His biggest boost was the Dora Stratou dance school in Athens (seen on all old videos). He made many recordings with Georgo Amarantidi but lately plays with his Koumbaro Mihalaki Kaliontzidi.

Stelios Kazanzidis - Vocals

Not many words can be found to truly describe him. He was a good man to some a God to many others. He will be greatly missed, he passed away in Sept 2001. He spent most of his life singing Greek dimotika and Rembetika but for some strange reason turned to his family background of Pontiaka the last couple of years.