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Factors for Personality Improvement


1.       Pleasing Physical Presentation.

2.       Body Language.

3.       Communication.

4.       Maturity in Socio-Cultural Values.

5.       Beneficial Interactions

6.       Grasping & Understanding circumstances and environment.

7.       Intelligence.

8.       Outwitting Defensive Smartness.

9.       Concentration and Devotion in duties with (developed)  


10.     Taking care with responsibility as if own.

11.     Accountable action without attracting negative reaction.

12.     Will to achieve.

13.     Convinced stand and inner-strength to withstand.

14.     Analytical decision of choosing the best suitable of all the

            available practical alternatives with maturity and in the

            interest of purpose.     

15.     Risk taking with accountability for calculations.

16.     Maturity of values.

17.     Convincing nature.

18.     Make them to dance to your tune without their knowledge.

19.     Speak to them the language they understand.

20.     Make them to realize your positive abilities without your


21.     Be the best for good and worst for the bad in managing.

22.     Do not react but act sensibly.

23.     Donít suppress emotions, but eradicate them with positive


24.     Yoga & Meditation.

25.     Priorities in the order of advantages and time.

26.     Health Care.

27.     Voluntary Initiative for learning and helping.

28.     Financial Management to beget more pleasure and happiness.