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  Welcome to my Poems Website


Love Poems


Welcome to my Poems Website!

It is a pleasure that you are stopping by my Poems Website. Here, you will find every conceivable poems about Muang Lao, Quon Lao from the beginning of time to the present. Also, you will read about life seen through my perspective as a Lao educated in both Laos and the U.S. and now is living in the United States of America.

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The Art of Writing

If you are interested in my other writings, please check out these links:

To be a poet or a writer, what you needs is:
  1. Passion. In another word, something meaningful to say, something that itches to pour out from the depth of your being.
  2. Perspective. Without it, you writing will be stale. It is like the dish without the spice!
  3. The feel of 'less is more'. it is like a good storyteller knowing what to leave out and when it is time to end your story.




Wherever I am, my heart and soul will always be with Muang Lao and Quon Lao.


If you have anything, please email me at

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