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The Scottish Uprising

In truth, when I started researching Culloden I came to one realization: Galbaldon is very reliable in her accounts of the events. I am of course not a historian so I would not be able to pick out discrepancies, but I can't see any faults. Now truthfully Jaime would have most likely died, and his men that did escape back to Lallybroch would have been hunted down by the english and hung for their support of Prince Charles... But personally I prefer the Galbaldon ending! To read up on the historical accounts and my sum up of events, scroll down.

This is my 'not to be relied upon' 'not historian' sum up of the battle of Culloden. Please e-mail me with corrections.

The trouble all started when James II was kicked off of the throne by the people of Britain, due to his Catholic ways. Though exiled from his home, James had followers that went by the name of Jacobites. (Wow, Galbadon does know what she's talking about, eh?:) Though James did have his supporters he still had little hope of regaining the throne in Britain. It was in Scotland that he found the most support. Now this may be getting away from Outlander storylines but bear with me. James the II had a son, James the III, who is the Father of: Bonnie Prince Charles. (Yes the one who does his 'business' infront of advisors, and Jaime)

Thus we get to the uprising of 1745. The Bonnie Prince landed in Scotland and persuaded the native men to join him (ie: burning homes) After lots of marching (This is a general sum up!) They face the English troops under the perosnal command of the bonnie Prince. Though the valiant Scots tried their hardest to gain victory, they were slaughtered. After the battle ended all remaining jacobites were hunted down....And done away with. Please don't rely on my word, I urge you to read up on the facts yourself!:)

Being no official historian I can point you in the right direction to discover more on the net. If you find any other helpful websites please let me know. Enjoy.

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