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The Outlander Reference Guide

Official Disclaimer This website is not affliated with Diana Galbaldon or any of the Outlander novels.

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What's New

School has officially ended for another year and this of course means: more time for the website! And re-read the series! Diana has posted some actors/actresses on her website that she considers good for the roles of her characters if a movie is made. Wow, that was a mouthful! Check it out on her official site!

I discovered the Outlander books for the first time recently, and was dismayed to find no complete fan sites on the web. Once completed this website will offer Character information, historical background, and much more.

I've been working really hard on the character pages so: check them out! I just added Into the text which should help you to visualize what Diana Gabaldon refers to. You'll find definitions of: Dirks, Bannock, and much more.

I'm also starting the cemetery pages for the characters that are no longer with us, but they are still under major construction.(Meaning nothing there yet!)

If you have problems reading the font because of color let me know, because it's fine on some computers and not on others!Check back soon for more updates.

Last Updated May 25th 2006

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Enter the world of Outlander

The Battle Of Culloden
The Players
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Into the Text
The Character Cemetery
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