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Outlander Charactors

Can't remember certain characters? This is like an encyclopedia of most (not all yet) of the characters appearing in the outlander books. This differs from Diana Gabaldon's amazing and informative The Outlandish Companion because I focus on the main charactors and their physical description, while she speaks of the charactors role. (But the companion is a must read for any die hard fan!) This section is divided by books to help you avoid spoilers (scroll down), but be aware that spoilers lurk on these pages if you haven't read the books! This part of the page will obviously take some time for me to do, so please have patience! I am finding it impossible to find a description of Claire! If you find one please e-mail me, and of course if you find any mistakes let me know!

The Players

James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser

Parents: Brian Fraser and Ellen MacKenzie

Nicknames: Jaime, Red Jaime, MacTavish

Physical description: Strong, Good humored face, deep blue eyes, long staright nose, square white teeth, cat eyes, hair: glinting auburn and amber, roan and cinnabar, thick wavy mass with a thousand colors of red and gold. (DIA, p.624)

Signifigant others:Married to Claire Beauchamp, 1745 June?

Children: Faith (miscarriage) and Brianna

Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser

Parents: Henry and Julia Beauchamp, adopted by Uncle Q

Nicknames: Sassenach, La Dame Blanche, Witch :), Lady Broch Tuarach

Physical descriptions: Curly brown hair

Signifigant others: Married Frank Randall 1937?, Married to Jaime Fraser June 1745?

Children: Faith (Miscarriage), and Brianna

Frank Randall


Physical description:

Signifigant others: To Claire Beauchamp 1937?

Children: Non biological daughter Brianna

Captain Jack Randall


Nicknames: Black Jack

Physical descriptions: Thick dark brown hair, Lithe spare build, fine-drawn bones, chiseled face, level brows, wide hazel eyes.

Signifigant others:


Murtagh FitzGibbons



Physical description: Weasel faced, short, sparely built, muscualr, pock marked skin, low brow, narrow jaw.

Signifigant others:

Children: God Father to Jaimie, treats Jaime like a son... But no biological children.

Colum ban Campbell MacKenzie

Parents: Jacob MacKenzie and Anne Grant

Nicknames: Laird of Leoch

Physical description: Eyes are the soft gray of a dove's wing, thick black lashes, high forehead, fine cut lips, bowed and stumpy legs,

Signifigant others:Married to Letitia Chisolm

Children: Non biological Father to Hamish

Dougal MacKenzie

Parents: Jacob MacKenzie and Anne Grant

Nicknames: Uncle

Physical description: high forehead, hazel eyes, heavy brows, barrel chest, dark beard, fat.

Signifigant others: Maura Grant

Children: Biological Father to Hamish, Molly, Tabitha, Margaret, Eleanor.

Janet Flora Arabella Fraser Murray

Parents: Ellen MacKenzie and Brian Fraser

Nicknames: Jenny

Physical description: Dark blue eyes, black curls,

Signifigant others: Ian Murray

Children: James, Margaret, Katherine, Janet, Michael, and Ian.

Ian Murray


Nicknames: Dad

Physical description: Feathery brows, dark brown eyes, lean face, smooth brown hair, amputated leg.

Signifigant others: Janet Fraser

Children: James, Margaret, Katherine, Janet, Michael, and Ian.

Laoghaire MacKenzie


Nicknames: Evil (Okay that's just me)

Physical description:Long yellow hair, pouting face, soft blue eyes, rose petal skin,

Signifigant others:


Gellis Duncan



Physical description: Tall, green eyes, fair skin, pale eyebrows

Signifigant others: Arthur Duncan


Arthur Duncan


Nicknames: Procurator Fiscal

Physical description: Plump,

Signifigant others: Gellis Duncan


Quentin Lambert Beauchamp


Nicknames: Uncle Lamb

Physical description:

Signifigant others:

Children: Adopted Claire after her parents died

Ellen MacKenzie

Willie Fraser

Reverend Wakefield


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