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For the past few years I have been intent on making a website about the town of Odd, West Virginia, however, my resources have been very limited
In order to make this website happen, I am in need of contributions such as photographs, stories and information about Odd and the surrounding areas of Egeria and Westview
This may include:
Stories about growing up or living in Odd
School pictures and memories
Church photographs and information
Memorable people and events
Any contributions to this site will be greatly appreciated
If you would like to contribute to this site via e-mail or have any scanned photos to share, you may do so by sending them to:
If you have any comments or information, you may also use the form below
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Click here to see the site so far
There isn't a great lot here at the moment, but hopefully there will be more soon...please check back often and thanks for stopping by
Last Updated December 11, 2011
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