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Teaching is my other profession.

Below are some projects I have done with students through the LEAP program and at Village Community School.

These are "Day of the Dead Shrines" that the 5th graders made in the woodshop at V.C.S. where I teach. They made figurines out of self hardening clay, and went crazy with the glue gun and the assorted materials. The bottom one has a drawer with surfing skeletons and a portal to another dimension.

This a mural that I did with 8th graders in the Bronx. We had very limited time but they were able to mix some great colors and produce a good piece. The classroom teacher was a little concerned about all the R.I.P. murals depicted in this mural, but the kids insisted. I think the vehicle in the corner is an Ice Cream Truck with rims.

The following pictures are of masks done by third graders in Ridgewood Queens. As part of a unit on Native Americans we leaned about what native tribes existed in New York City, (and still exist) and what their lifestyle and political structures were like. Then we read an Algonquin scary story, and learned about many traditional Algonquin monsters (from stories used to scare kids) The Children then made masks inspired by these creatures.