Welcome to page FIVE! This page will show some stunning views of the creek, as well as some other cool stuff, including the trail itself!

Here's a view from a small wooden bridge.

McMichaels Creek. This picture shows how clear the water is here! The Association does all it can to KEEP it clean and clear, and is one of the purest creeks in the region. If you'd like to set this image as your Desktop, you may pick up your copy HERE.

A beautiful look at the trail! Actually this is just one very tiny segment of this beautiful stretch of some of the most beautifully-preserved wilderness in the entire Pocono region!

Another Wood Turtle. This one is a real beauty! Still wet from the creek, it heads across the path and up into the field to forage. They always seem to know what's ripe, and exactly where to find it! Wild strawberries, mulberries, fallen apples, and mushrooms make up just a small part of their diet.

Another look at the creek, showing the extremely clear water.

Here's a look toward a distant sunlit field from within the forest.

Clear, cool, and refreshing!

Another look at the stream, and because it's protected from silt, pollution, and runoff from nearby fields, siltation is very low..... and it will remain this way for many years to come, despite all the "civilization" moving into the Pocono region. If you'd like a Desktop image of this, you can get it HERE.

Thank you for visiting my Pohoqualine page! As of now, this is the only page on the Web dedicated to showing the natural beauty of this area, which certainly needs a lot more time exploring it! With each new turn, and around every bend, there's something photo-worthy to be shared, and as God wills, and as time permits, I'll be adding more images to this page, and from here, you can either go to (or return to) either Fabulous Froggage, or Current Events.

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