The long-awaited day has finally arrived! Here you will be able to see some of the most spectacular Eastern Box Turtles on all the Web!

Simply click on the links below to view some truly beautiful turtles!

A vividly-beautiful male!

Picture taken June 2005. This is Beauty #4, really strutting his stuff!

According to many folks who really like turtles, A really nicely-speckled Eastern Box turtle is about the prettiest ANYWHERE..... and here you will see some of the most spectacular "boxies" on the
entire globe!

If you have one that is particularly noteworthy, I may post it here TOO! Please try and get a good picture of the extended head and neck, and if your turtle is a true "Beauty", it'll be posted along with your name if you'd like, as well as a link to your family-friendly Web page if you have one.

About the turtles on this page

Many have asked about them, and out of all of them only a few are actually mine. Many were borrowed from the wild, photographed, and released, while a few pix were sent to me by other people.

A cool note! On August 31, 2004, the beautiful "cover girl" female shown here was bred by Beauty #18 and in April, 2005, #4 (shown above)! I will be so excited if she lays eggs, and if they hatch!

Since I've put this page up I've had many Emails from private individuals looking for "just a few" adult Box for their personal collection. This is cool, and the best places to try are and some of the Yahoo turtle groups. A link to my own Yahoo group is posted on the next page.

As you explore the following links, you'll see many different Beauties all showing off their bright spotted heads, and yellow-drenched shells, as each link features a totally different Beauty! To see more pics of the Beauties shown on THIS page, please click the first link - from which you can begin the "Turtle Tour" - and not miss a ONE!

Introducing the TURTLE TOUR!


Check out the NEW PHOTO GALLERY! This will take you to the Photo Gallery which will display a small picture of each turtle shown on "Beautiful Eastern Box Turtles". Click on any picture to see some scrumptious photographs of some totally beautiful turtles! This newly-updated page works well with Dial-up computers. Otherwise simply click on the links below to view the turtles.

Click on any link below to reveal another Beauty!

There's lots more cool turtle-stuff on the next page!

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