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  Welcome to the MacAllister Clan - NH


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Welcome to my our site!

Too few precious moments we share visiting together during the year.  Trying to keep up with everyone in every family becomes impossible.  This site is put together for everyone in our families to keep in touch.  We hope you all enjoy the info we put together and please e-mail me photo's to update the gallery!

Joe's Office


Even if you're a family member, you never know when you might need one of the best attorney's in N.H.

bulletGawryl & MacAllister

Check our what Myron and Mel have been up to recently.  Expected release, summer 2004!
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Family and friends we welcome you to our most recent scanned photos. I've got a lot of interesting places I visit, but I have to admit I'm a online scrabble a-holic.  Here's the link if anyone would like to challenge me.  My ID is "foxtrotter".
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