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Warnings and Advice


If you want neopoints, you must at some point venture into the games area to win them. As you play games and score your game points, you will be rewarded a allotted amount of neopoints when you click "Send" at the end of the games play. You must click "Send" in order to receive your points. You can only "send" for points 3 times, on each of the games played.

Here are my favorite games to play on neopets, mostly because there reward is fairly high and there easy to beat.

Mutant Graveyard of DOOM
Usuki Frenzy
Defender Trainer
Carnival of Terror
Action Game
Action Game
Action Game
Action Game

Highly recommended, probably the easiest game to earn 1000 neopoints on.

If you get a 500 point block of spooky cheese or earn 500 points through getting other items you win 1000nps!

Great for those who need neopoints fast!

The fastest game to play, super easy with a max win around 280 neopoints.

Its not much but you CAN collect from the game 3 times.

This game is hard the first couple of times you play but once you get started its easy to rack up 500 neopoints in a game.

To get 500 neopoints you need to score around 126 in the game which is about level 10 or 11.

No many neopoints awarded but its fun and super easy!

On a good day I can score around 400 points but I've seen others score much higher.

If you loved duck hunt or any of the bond games this will be easy for you.

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