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  1. Idle mind is always devil.

  2. Time is very precious.

  3. sleep is for relaxation but not for enjoyment.

  4. Good character, depth of knowledge, and positive intelligence are the real assets of man.

  5. Performing duties, fulfilling responsibilities, keeping up his words, and not hurting others are the characteristics of a gentleman.

  6. Love and care are the two eyes of God.

  7. Helping others is the real savings in life; help is savings and enjoyment is spending in one's life account.

  8. Respect and love lift you up; egoism and absolute selfishness push you down.

  9. Hard struggled achievement is success, and not trying for it is failure.

  10. Failure is the first step towards success.

  11. Fear for failure and acceptance of helplessness are the villains for coming-up.

  12. In the war of temptation between heart and mind, always:   heart should win when concerned with others; and mind should win when  concerned with self.

  13. Keeping more than one's needs is the debit, and helping others in need is the credit in life's account.

  14. Exploiting helplessness is an unpardonable crime.

  15. person always useful to others with perfect conscious is the pet of  God; and selfish fellow, especially at other's cost, is the pet of satan.

  16. Will-Power is the only power by which one can achieve anything in this world.

  17. While judging other's action, intention is more important than action.

  18. Without health and wealth no enjoyment in life.

  19. Egoism is a liability and selfishlessness is an asset in one life's balance sheet.

  20. Positive intelligence, approach and attitude, and contentment only bring peace-of-mind.

  21. Empathise and help, it fulfils the purpose.

  22. One's strong will, powered by discipline, keeps the temptation away.

  23. Wrong means of lust destroys the character.

  24. Selfless  social service is service to God.

  25. The worst cheating is the cheating to one's conscious.

  26. Sense should prevail than emotion in crises.

  27. Involvement entangles with problems, but solution discharges from problems.

  28. Controlling wavering mind with single minded concentration only achieves in challenges.

  29. Ego, envy, greed, temptation and sadism are the bitterest enemies of virtuous men.

  30. Lady is on account of good character, and gentleman is on account of good conduct.

  31. Desire is not but temptation is the worst.

  32. Negative intelligence brings sufferings and positive intelligence brings happiness.

  33. Desire is a cause for one's cycle of re-births.

  34. Your knowledge plans, intelligence decides, but will-power only achieves it.

  35. One's reaction is the expression of his character and values.

  36. Love, without self interest, is the greatest in the world.

  37. Eradicate I, my and mine there you find Him.

  38. Never one's thought and speech shall differ.

  39. Acquiring useful knowledge and being useful, both act for one's upliftment.

  40. Cause of hurting others (except in other's interest, or as a matter of duty, or as a self-defence) yields evil effects, and cause of any doing, without self-interest, yields good effects.

  41. In an approach, means is not important but the result, provided the means is within morality

  42. Mother and father are the first line of Gods.

  43. True maturity is not to talk of oneself.

  44. problematic critic becomes a problem for society.

  45. Tempting gamble and unnecessary arguments bring only sufferings.

  46. Laziness earns poverty.

  47. Bible is second to father's advice.

  48. Mother is more than your church.

  49. Uncontrolled anger can only bring sufferings.

  50. you can't do bad without overruling your conscious.

  51. You bequeath the result for what you do.

  52. The day is waste when you read nothing.

  53. Intentional lie is a fraud.

  54. Not rendered any help in a day, you have to live one more day.

  55. Forget not helped people in need, lest you make heaven as hell.

  56. Hurting words, you speak, bring you bonus of sufferings.

  57. Cow milk's taste is same even if boiled, virtuous men's character is same even if tested.

  58. Gold shines more when it faces fire, virtuous man shines more when he faces difficulties.

  59. Result of one's actions only brings ups and down in his life.

  60. Even one day company of virtuous men will make your character strong root of your life.

  61. A man of positive intelligence and smartness, and depth of knowledge shines anywhere and can attract even a king. 

  62. Elephant can't be virtuous, nor cat can be spiritualistic, it is the opportunity being human to be.

  63. Wealth, or poverty, will not stick to a person forever.

  64. It is the duty of every man having more than enough to help the needy.

  65. Strike while the iron is hot and make hay while the sun shines: hence make use of opportunities to your advantage.

  66. Look before you leap.

  67. All that glitters is not gold: assessment is the best judgment.

  68. Prevention is better than cure.

  69. Young is an opportunity to learn maximum knowledge: make hay while the sun shines.

  70. Life is an opportunity to learn from experiences.

  71. Principle of philosophy gives you upliftment and procedure of religion gives you satisfaction.

  72.  God doesn't seek but only man seeks: everybody is a beggar before God.

  73. Not to blame Him for your crises for it is His test; and you succeed in His test, he gives you plenty.

  74. Seeking virtuous advice solves many a crises.

  75. Lotus like life in family is better than yogic life on mountains.

  76. Even falling down to beggar's level, stand by virtues.

  77. Making father to feel proud of his son is the duty of the son.

  78. Devotional love of God is a penance.

  79. Accusation being wife's nature creates diversification of the husband's love.

  80. Only two religions and no more in the world: one is manhood and another is womanhood.

  81. Love and happiness by right conduct in house-holder's life fulfils the purpose of creation.

  82. He who leads his life on the absolute virtuous path ranks with the gods in heaven.

  83. She is true life-companion who adjusts herself to the family's resources.

  84. Virtue of a lady depends upon her taking care of her husband, children and home with true moral values.

  85. Virtue of a woman is measure by her morality.

  86. Virtue of a man is measured by his good deeds.

  87. True love creates devotion and devotion of God opens up for enlightment, the goal of all religions.

  88. In love alone is the secret of life.

  89. Family life is a duty arising out of obligations of the individual to society.

  90. Running family life on right path is duty to his religion.

  91. Leading a family life on virtuous path is duty to God.

  92. Truth, courteous duty and empathetic help are the jewels that adorn one's character.

  93. The man who renders help without expectation is equal to God.

  94. Child's attitude reflects the parent's character.

  95. Children listen to their parents' advice, and follow their attitude.

  96. Withdrawal of senses from tempting pleasure with self control yields peace of mind in his seven more births.

  97. Discipline is more precious in life for it is out of that discipline the life derives value.

  98. Enmity, sin, fear and disgrace dogs the man who violates the sacredness of another's home.

  99. Retaliation brings a day's joy, but forbearance brings glory for all the time.

  100. The man of forbearance in the face of insult is great.

  101. Envy makes hell for the man.

  102. Greed brings misery and contentment bequeaths happiness.

  103. Evil man enriches evil thoughts begetting evil actions bequeathing benefits; lo! he suffers rest of this life and thereafter.

  104. One's fate is determined by his own deeds.

  105. One can escape from any but not from his fate.

  106. Virtue shines in selfless sacrifice of result of one's industry to others.

  107. Wealth brings him enjoyment in this world, but compassion brings him happiness in all the worlds.

  108. He who has mastered his self is the object of universal worship.

  109. Truthfulness is when one's words and actions do not harm any being in the world.

  110. Truthfulness is more than a penance.

  111. The best punishment to evil-doer is to shame him by returning good for evil.

  112. The law of cause and effect will never fail to sinner.

  113. Apparent attracts in this glittering world, but understanding the truth uncovers the appearance.

  114. Love the work and spurn the pleasure: there you find immense happiness.

  115. Strenuous effort ever brings victory.

  116. Sustained, strenuous and courageous effort enable one to see his misfortune fleeing.

  117. Acquired knowledge should be useful to others also, otherwise it is like acquired but unspent wealth at death.

  118. Greatest is the discriminating mind, without which all other possessions are naught.

  119. Means of learning doesn't matter to become proficient in depth.

  120. Means of learning has no limit as even illiterate can be learning by listening.

  121.  True friendship is worth of other sacrifices for it.

  122. True friendship is not only for enjoyment but also for apt advice at right time for betterment.

  123. Understanding feelings makes friendship.

  124. Misfortune is a yard stick for consistency of relatives and friends.

  125. Equal are all in birth but the difference is in greatness in action, or the absence of it.

  126. Prosperity is for the one who, like a crow, shares with all.

  127. A sensitive conscience is a jewel of virtues of noble man.

  128. Honour's true home is the man's perfect conscience.

  129. All the creatures worship every vegetarian.

  130. Thought of wrong doing frightens the good but the bad sees nothing terrible in it.

  131. None lives forever but one's fame.

  132. Being ashamed is the turning point to right path.