ARCHIVES:  October 1-7, 2004

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October 7, 2004 - Thursday

Peach Punch

My sister, Deborah, shared this recipe that we used at the wedding. It was a great success and so simple to make. She says it is popular in Atlanta where they call it "Mock Champagne."

Peach-Grape Punch


One 2-liter bottle of ginger ale

1 can Welch's frozen white grape drink mix

1 can Bacardi Fuzzy Navel or Peach Daquiri frozen drink mix


Thaw the frozen drink mixes. Make sure everything is chilled and mix in a punch bowl to serve. (I also added a fruit ring made of grapes and peaches to float in the middle.)

This is good and got many compliments. While in the grocery store, I noticed Welch's new frozen cans of peach/grape mix already combined. Obviously, it is a popular flavor. Probably two cans of that with one liter of ginger ale would work, too.


October 6, 2004 - Wednesday


My husband is on business in New York and my daughter is honeymooning in Orlando. Last night both of them called a few minutes apart. My daughter said that it was hot in Orlando -- 90 degrees, humid and still in full summer. Then my husband calls and says it is cold -- 32 degrees with states just north of them getting snowfall already.

I had to laugh. It is a nice 70 degrees here midway between them both. Huntsville weather is just about perfect these days.

Speaking of weather, there's a funny cartoon being circulated around the Internet about Florida's recent weather --> Enough Was Enough.


Icon Humor

Here's a cute movie thanks to Jennifer C. for sharing this link. She says that it shows what desktop icons do when you are asleep.

Icon Story


October 5, 2004 - Tuesday

Blog Category on Jeopardy

"Blogs" was a category on Double Jeopardy recently. From Thousand Robots, here's the list of questions, er, answers. they even have the an mp3 of the vocal part of the show.


Google Mail Notifier-A New One

My new Gmail features appeared today. One of them is an offer to download a mail notifier. It will play the default mail sound and flash a small popup at the bottom right of my screen when new mail comes in, showing the title and first line of text.

Yay! I had tried an earlier version someone put together but it had too many bugs for me. So far, this one directly from Google is doing great.


Firefox Update

Get Firefox!I got the tabbed browser extension update and it solved the Gmail problem, but it still blocks popups for comments here. I installed the "open in IE" extension so I can force the popup that way. (Love those extensions!) Thanks for your comments and e-mail, everyone.



October 4, 2004 - Monday

New G-Mail Features

The more I use it, the more I like Gmail. Every account is gradually getting the new features.

I have only one big complaint -- the new Firefox Preview regards my contact list as a "blocked popup" and will not show it even though I have designated it as okay. I hope Firefox fixes this.

I do not block popups at all since I have gotten my wireless, multi-button mouse. Every popup opens in a new tab and a quick mouse-click closes that tab. It's so darn easy and I can easily keep popups that I want.

In fact, it is easier to open all links in a new tab rather than keep them on the same page because of the joy of a programmable mouse which can close any kind of window with one click. I wish I could find an over-riding browser setting, either in SlimBrowser or Firefox that would always open every link in a new tab.



Still Not Over

While I am still basking in the glory of marrying off a daughter, I can not do it sitting still yet. Many things have to be returned such as the large candelabra and candles which were rented from the florist (and which barely fit in the car -- we had to put the back seat down), drive a relative off to catch an early plane, return the borrowed silverware, return the cake decorator's borrowed display stuff, get the wedding dress cleaned and preserved, preserve flowers and the bouquet, return the key to the rented church's caretakers (which the bride accidentally carried off with her), cut up and preserve the remaining cake (and there is an art to preserving the cake top to be eaten a year later at the anniversary) and more ... such as thanking all the people who helped me personally, sorting through several wedding items which came to our house, taking care of her little cat who does not want to be here (he is getting used to us, though -- I just hope he gets used to using the litter box).


Everything is working out and I am satisfied even if we are still busy around here. I love Jonathan and his family. I can even manage my new hairstyle -- whew! (Photo taken by my sister, Bonnie. BTW, the veil was from e-Bay. My daughter found a highly-rated lady who makes them by hand. It was the most beautiful veil I had ever seen. The hand-made touch made it more so.)



Jury Duty Summons

My sister and I have been summoned to jury duty about one week apart. This is her second time. It's the first for me. I used to joke that all of my younger siblings have served but not me. I guess it's my turn, now.

My sister was summoned by a U.S. District Court and I was summoned by a County Circuit Court. The paperwork and summons are very different. She has to go through a lot more paperwork than me and her summons promised hotels and compensation.

Mine mentioned none of that. (Not that it means anything -- just that the summons are very different.) She has to fill out and mail in paperwork beforehand. I just have to show up at a certain time with my summons (a simple postcard) in hand.

My other sister (her twin) was summoned once, but she said that it happened just before her ear operation and she was fairly deaf at the time. She was released (I can just see the lawyers shouting to be heard -- ha). Also, she is a nurse at the local hospital and I am not sure on the rules concerning this.

Whatever it may be, I am glad to serve. It is a duty that I owe this country and am willing to do.



October 3, 2004 - Sunday

It's Over -- No, It has Just Begun

What a wonderful, busy day it was! I am deeply appreciative of my husband, brother and sisters and others who helped with this wedding. It went very well -- so much joy around -- so many happy people. I discovered that being the "mother-of-the-bride" was more fun than I ever imagined. It will always be a special day to me. We truly feel like that we have not lost a daughter, but gained a son. Here are photos of the wedding.


I am too exhausted to write more than this right now. I slept in later than I have in a long, long time.



October 2, 2004 - Saturday

Wedding, Wedding, Wedding

No time to write much since I have a million errands to run today! Things are getting exciting around here. I have long hair and I am getting it cut off. I hope I like it, but I am not that picky about my hair so I think I will (I keep telling myself that).

Much is happening. Relatives are pouring in. I will send off a few photos with my cell cam as things happen and post many more photos tomorrow morning. I love the immediacy of photo blogging.

My daughter is wonderful. My future son-in-law is great. The future looks bright. More on this tomorrow when I can catch a breath!



October 1, 2004 - Friday

October Already

Is it October, already?!! Whew, time flies. I put up a few Halloween decorations. One easy thing that I do (that my parents always did) was buy a cheap, plastic 99-cent jack-o-lantern and cut it to fit the outdoor light on the front of the house. It looks pretty good all lit up at night.

We have three gourds by the front door. Now, to add a few more things and I am set! I love Halloween.

Even more, I will love watching my daughter get married -- which will happen soon since she is having a fall wedding. We've been very busy. She is so happy these days and, being a romantic, I love a good wedding. I also look forward to getting a son-in-law. He and his family are wonderful people. I am glad he came from such a good background. (They are reading this. I had to say that. )