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Stop by and check, we could be related. I am a genealogist who likes to record things, thus this site, photos, blog, occasional trips to graveyards ...

... and always looking for new relatives to bother, be they dead or alive.

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I have 3 cats plus my daughter has a cat. Muddy writes in a daily cat blog. Cats are smart.That's why they keep humans for pets.

Originally, I wanted 4 children -- but 1 husband, 1 child, 3 cats and a grandkitty worked out even better.

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... with tips, news or nothing more than how my day went. New entries are usually posted daily. I am married to this computer, -- no, wait, I have a great husband.

This is an old photo. We look nothing like this anymore, er, we look a lot better ... yeah, that's it ... better.

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I have a cell phone camera and know how to use it. Here's the most recent photo. Click on it to see more or select a category below.

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P.S. There is no guarantee that my life is interesting to anyone but me.


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