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More Images of the Millstone Dresser

More Images of the Millstone Dresser

The Tedious Task of Sharpening the Mill Stones.

The late George Smith, senior, is shown dressing the French millstones at the Tuthilltown Mill, built in 1788. The French millstones have since been replaced by 5 pairs of man-made millstones from Belgium.

Every year, the old mill turns out several thousands of bushels of wheat into Kosher Flour, under the strictest Rabbinical supervision, from which Orthodox Jews make their Marzohs for Passover. The Tuthilltown Mill is the only Mill in the United States that makes the Ultra Holy Flour, which must be made on stones, as in the days of Moses. It is shipped all over, the world, where it is eaten during the Passover Celebration. Most of the grains used are home grown by members of the Smith family.

Nestled in a beautiful quiet and secluded spot in the peaceful valley of the Wallkill and Shawangunk River, in view of the Shawangunk Mountains, is the old sturdy Grist Mill, that has been in constant operation for nearly two centuries. It stands today exactly as it was built in 1788.

There was a time when Mills such as this dotted the countryside and provided all the flour and meal required by the early residents for their baking and cooking. Most of them have been abandoned and only their weatherbeaten ruins, a few giant timbers, and some rusted metal mark their sites. But the Tuthilltown Mill hums with activity these modern days just as busily as it did in the past.

Our Mill stones turn out the same types of flour the "Old Folks," still long for, and the "Young Folks" are discovering.

A Country Store and Museum are gradually being added to make it an enjoyable place to visit. Every Spring and Fall, Schools from far and wide, including New York City, come with classes, for a Tour of the Mill, etc.

We fee, by reserving this beautiful Mill, we have saved a heritage our children have a right to see and enjoy; a little bit of the yesterday we read about in books, with nostalgia and longing just a small part that helps make this country the wonderful place it is.

Information from the brochure of the 1788 Tuthilltown Grist Mill, Albany Post Road, Gardiner, New York. The mill is functional, historic, educational, and part of our national heritage.

Keep it Kosher!

Please someone save the Tuthilltown Grist Mill, and keep it as it has been grinding Kosher Flour and other products. The Smith family has been wanting to sell the mill for years. Now developers are interested in buying the property to develop the land around the mill, shutting down the Kosher Flour business, and selling off most of the mill's equipment to recoup their down payment. Thus ending the mill's ability to produce and haul Kosher Flour into New York City for the Passover Celebration.

The late Charles Howell was very proud of the fact, that each year he would travel into New York City to dress a small pair of millstones, that a group of Hasidic Jews would hand grind the flour for Marzohs used during Passover.

More Images of the Millstone Dresser

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