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Windmills (The Great Architecture Series) by Laura Brooks.

Windmills (The Great Architecture Series) by Laura Brooks.
Product Details:
Hardcover: 120 pages.
Dimensions (in inches): 0.63 x 12.55 x 10.91.
Publisher: Metro Books; (April 1999).
ISBN: 1567997562.

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[5 out of 5 stars] A Book for all ages and interests., May 28, 1999

Reviewer: from United States

I discovered this book in a bookstore. It has just been recently published. It is a delightful book. The book at first glance appears to be just another coffee table book you find in these giant bookstore, much like those picture books on barns. The book is not pricey like many coffee table books. This book is muck more than that. Windmills would make a wonderful give for someone who is interested in windmills, but may know little about them. It is a great book for those interested in armchair painting of windmills around the world. The author has written in the poetry of the wind as it states on the back cover: "A windmills is far more than just a farm structure; it is a tangible link to our collective past, when wind was harnessed to clear land, create power, and make life just a little bit easier, without destroying the essentially peaceful collaboration between the land and the people. From the old-world charm of ancient windmills to the stark graphic beauty of modern wind turbines. Windmills is a gorgeous collection of dramatic and intriguing views of these time-honored structures." The introduction begins with "Blowing in the Wind," and talks about, 'Milling Life,' and 'Preserving Windmills.' Chapter one "Form and Function," deals the 'Parts of the Windmill,' 'Types of Windmills,' 'Technological Windfalls,' and 'A Day in the life of the Miller.' Chapter two "Windmills in History." is about the 'Ancient Beginnings' of the earliest windmills, to the 'Middle Ages,' and 'The Windmill Heyday and New Horizons.'

The third chapter, "A Nation of Windmills." This reminds us of the Rene Descartes now-popular saying, 'God made the world, but the Dutch made Holland,' and windmills made it all possible. This about 'The Art of Windmills,' 'Types of Dutch Windmills,' 'Preservation Efforts,' and 'The Language of Windmills.'

"Windmills of the Plains and the Seas," is the 4th chapter about 'Windmills of the Mediterranean,' and 'Don Quixote's Windmills.' The 5th chapter "Windmill and the Farms," begins with 'Windmills in the New York Skyline,' 'The Windmill Belt,' 'A Midwestern Landmark,' 'Windmills of Today,' and, Windmills of the Future." The bibliography is a must have library book list for anyone interested in wind power and windmills.

Many of the books photos fill one, to one and a half pages. Some photos fill two pages, but many of the photos are overlaid with readable text. The book is not over wordy or too technical but gives a basic understanding for any ones enjoyment or interest. This is a wonderful gift book or a book to give to someone to develop an interest in windmills. The book deals with the whole spectrum of windmills from there earliest beginnings to the traditional Dutch and English style windmills. It show windmills around the world and in the United States. The book also deals with he development of the traditional western style wind pump and to the future of wind generated power.

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