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Modeland Family Tree
UPDATED: June 17, 2006

What is in that page
This (home) page - main links
Origins by Graig Pearen;
Pearen/Modeland Family Connection by Shelley Pearen
Basic lineage without all the info.
A list of most of the surnames in this family
Starting with John & Sarah in England
To the 5 who came to Canada

and links to the children and their grandchildren etc....
Mary Modeland & Joseph Pearen;
Ann Modeland & John Pearen;
John Modeland & Elizabeth Kirk;
Thomas Modeland & Ruth Develin/Christiana Ross;
Joshua Modeland & Sarah Degraw/Elizabeth Wilson; Timothy Modeland & Ann Lundy;
George Modeland & Annie Wilson

and links to the children and their grandchildren etc....
Mary Modeland & Matthew Pearen;
Isaac Modeland & Emily Milburn;
Elizabeth Modeland & Frederick Johns;
Henry Modeland & Isabella Ritchie;
Joshua Modeland & Margaret Marshall;
Jane Modeland & John Raines
Their family line
Their family line
Their family line
Canadian 1851-1871;1881;1900;1901;1906; 1911;Unknown
American 1870; 1880; 1900;1910;1920;1930
Pearen 1851-1891; 1901; 1911
Other ie Ferguson/Campbell/Johns/Trueman
Birth Notices/Death Notices/Marriage Notices
Cemetery Info. Modeland/Pearen and their families
Photos of Modeland & relations tombstones
Interview w/ Mrs. Trimble;  Interview w/ John E. Pearen;
Thomas Modeland;  Joshua - The Jailer;
Moddison Family;  A.F. Campbell;
Modeland Memories;  Ferguson Memories;
Snell Family Info;  News Clippings
Those who served in the military - sorry if I missed one
Information that is not really necessary for discussion
but fun and interesting to know!
Families I haven't been able to put on the tree! - HELP!
To various places information was found
Maps of Ontario
- new location coming soon!
Maps showing Towns etc...
(idea of where the ancestors travelled in Ontario)
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Contact Info.
Email me at: modelandfamily<at>yahoo<dot>ca

Just replace the <at> with the @ symbol and the <dot>
with a period.  Or use the message boards/forum!

Disclaimer:  I have tried to make all those named Elizabeth/Emeline spelled they way you see here.
There are various ways to spell these names ex. Elsie/Elisabeth/Emmaline/Emaline etc...
If any individual is living, please contact me and I will remove them from this site.
It was my intention to only list those who were thought to no longer be among the living.
Also, not all information is complete and accurate.
I have done my best in piecing the puzzle together with the resources I have.
If you have information to add, please do contact me and I will try to reach you a.s.a.p.
Thanks for everything and to the many sites that assisted in my search.