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Q. How do I earn Zennies, create my character, netbattle, etc.?
A. Everything you would ever want to know how to do is listed in the link below. If you don't see your "How To" that you want, continue to 24/7 Support and ask there.
  • How To:

    Q. How do I affilliate with Megaman Network Ace?
    A. Email MMNA_Spprt@Yahoo.com and present your website and a little Bio and some other information that you think the MMNA Support Team will find useful. Please feel free to affiliate with us.

    Q. What happened to RPG Inferno?
    A. Because of a recent scare, "If the footer (Where the coding of RPG Inferno was located) is too long, the message board may crash". I looked into this problem and found out, that is not true. However, I wouldn't want to take the risk at all, true or false, so I took it down. Anyway, what would you rather have, the new look and features of MMNA, or a plain and bland looking website with RPG Inferno?
    I know you liked it, but it was a risk I wasn't willing to take. We, at the MMNA Support Team apologize and wish that if you want to play RPG Inferno, that you would play it on Joker's website. We always wish that you would remain active, but not on a message board that crashed.

    ~ Thank you,
    ~ The Management.
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