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Mitra Ė a friend to share and care, a friend in need


Depressed? Unhappy? Sad? Miserable?

Feeling lonely? Abandoned? Dejected?

Nobody understands you? Nobody loves you?

Lost hope? ambition?

Life turned boring, dull and monotonous ?


Your MITRA (friend) is there to care and share, without any expectation or selfish motive.


MITRA Ė is open for those with intense desire to cleanse mind and fill you with unselfish love and happiness.


MITRA is for Bliss, clarity and joyful living!


MITRA has 

No Institutionalization

No Organized structure

No Money involvement

No Selfishness

No Religion

No Cult

No Psychiatry

No Secrecy

No Drugs

No Violence

All beings long for happiness. So extend compassion to all. It flows from a loving heart. Our mission is to help those needy. Love without selfish motives. Love means the art of being with others.


Letís live together in awareness, love, peace, happiness and prosperity through sharing and caring




Letís live intensely, totally and enjoy the beautiful life that surrounds us



Letís donít cut our roots off from nature, relationships and inner reality


We are all (that includes you) friends of humanity.

We are transparent

Mitra - We are there for you. So don't worry, be happy.


You can be one of the MITRA - it is a voluntary thinking...please spend few minutes to talk to a friend online, who needs your advise. Solace a friend and find comfort from it.

You need not reveal your wherabout or actual name. But be truthful about your proble,, or while solving other's problems.

We all here to listen to you, care for you and share our time with you. So write to us: