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How would you describe your clothing?

dark and depressing
sexy and revealing
bright and cheery

Which words best describe your personality?

deep, emotional
flirtatious, mischevious
angry, determined
carefree, fun-loving
energetic, personable

Your favorite things to do are...

mope about and ponder the meaning of life
pick up some hotties...
write in your journal, read, and think
go out jogging or go to the movies with friends
go dancing/clubbing, or work out

What's your main goal in life?

i just want to be NORMAL, damnit!
uh...get laid?
i will survive. i will love every goddamn minute of my life!
to live life to the fullest and just be happy
to have fun and be carefree

What is your favorite color?

pink, yellow, green, purple...
i don't have a favorite color

Which of the following can't you live without?

my meds sure you want to know?
my journal
my pet hamster/cat/bird/whatever
my cd collection

And finally, which quote intrigues you the most?

"stuck in my bed, i'm a catastrophe in my head"
"this is where i want to live...right here, between your hips"
"look at you, so dead. you've got dead eyes"
"sing me a happy song"
"don't let go of me"

((created 4/15/2002. HTML/JavaScript stolen from about 100 other quizzes. quiz made by Jessica))