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Wingard Home


What is "Signs & Wonders" ?

To Those Desiring to Help Homeless, Abused, and Needy People:

With the information here, you will have a concise overview of our ministry. I pray that you read, now, with a receptive heart and a prayerful spirit. One of the most important witnessing tools that we have as Christians is our living witness- in other words, we must "practice what we preach!" Here at Wingard Home, we believe that the teaching of Godly behavior should begin in the home. We minister daily to the 40 folks who live in our home, by presenting to them a living witness of Jesus' love.

We serve as home missionaries. Our "battleground" is of a spiritual nature and is right here "in our own backyard". We battle against spirits of poverty, addiction, perversion, and abuse...and we battle in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. VISTORY? There is victory and freedom in the saving power of a Risen Savior. We came to Jackson in 1990 to join with other believers here to "set the captives free" in the mighty name of Jesus!!

At 1279 North West Street in Jackson, we house 40 women, children, teens, and men. Our family lives in the home, so we are on duty 24/7- every day of the year. We do not receive a paycheck because we work as volunteer missionaries. We work with each person on an individual basis by teaching them how to work hard and meet their needs themselves (that way, they will never be homeless again). WE DO NOT teach dependence on government assistance and welfare programs. We don't have a high turn-over rate like a shelter. Working a program like this takes longer...but, we go for quality turn-out, NOT a high rate of turn over. We help battered women, pregnant teens, abused and neglected young people, entire families in crisis, and anyone who is homeless and wants to MAKE A CHANGE in their life. Finishing and / or continuing one's education is a vital part of this plan. The MOST important part of the plan is to introduce them to a saving, healing, and forgiving Savior who can make all the pain from the past go away and give each other Hope for the future...this Savior is Jesus Christ, the only Son of God. And the power to overcome the "flesh" problems and fears comes from the Holy Spirit of God. With this knowledge, they can arm themselves with weapons of warfare that CANNOT fail.

Our ministry is registered in the state of Mississippi as a non-profit corporation. Also, we are registered with the Secretary os State as a religious institution. We have the covering of a federal 501-C--3 # making donations to the ministry tax-deductible. We have been in Jackson 15 years and sincerely invite you to come visit anytime.

There is a lot to do to keep a ministry like this going strong and operating efficiently. If you would like to be a blessing to a homeless person who is making an effort to change for the better; then, you should surely take a closer look at the ministry and the many opportunities for you to help with spreading the Gospel and changing lives right here in this area. We have dozens of projects utilizing talents and skills from floor-sweeping to master carpentry. Any type of volunteer group can find unlimited opportunities to minster and serve here.

Support How? Of course, financial support is always a good way to help...But, let me remind you of a far greater & more powerful resource..."YOU!" Contributions can be of your time, talents, love, knowledge, and your resources. Most importantly, as you pray each day, please pray for us and our family for strength, good health, wisdom, boldness and protection as we minister every day on the "front lines".





Wingard Home/ Signs & Wonders Ministry, 1279 N. West St. Jackson, MS 39202

Ph. 601-355-9589, Fax 601-969-9861, Cell 601-906-1976, E-Mail




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