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Welcome to the McCall Family Homepage

Welcome to the McCall Family webpage!
Here you will find pictures and information on the many McCalls & their lives & loves.
If you have any pictures,links,& updates, or questions, comments, & concerns,
please email them to the address below.

This page is under construction and will be for quite a while.

Thanks for visiting!

CHRISTMAS S Florida 2006!!

***We started at Ken's house....***
***Then moved to Cathy & Charlies winter condo!! ***

Congratulations to

Ms Shannon Ellis on her acceptance into the University of Leeds (England)

to study for a Master's degree in English!

We are all so very proud of you!!

***Roberta's 2006 birthday party in a Suite at the Florida Panther's Hockey Game!!!***

***September 19th was Keith's 40th birthday...the party was 9-17-2006!!!***
***Cathy & Charlie Lee on their 50th Anniversary!!***
**Pictures of the 2006 Friends & Family picnic--AKA Ivy's 40th Birthday Party!!!**

**In Loving Memory of our MaryJo McCall**

**New photos of the Florida Pomavilles!**
The Jim McCall family!! New pictures !!
Pat McCall comes from Pennsylvannia!
TRIPLETS in the family??
The Gendron Family...a distant branch of the family tree!
Eve and Bill Cooper & family--Prom AND graduation pics!
Corey & his Aunt Ivy on their September 2nd birthday!!2005
The Ziya Family!
Riley McCall visits S Florida!!2002!
Pictures from our 2004 S Florida Bar-B-Que!

Old photos of George & Loretta--plus!!--Thanks Molly!
A piece of History! Grandpa's SS# application-Thanks to Jim!
An Ode to Turning 50, by Lisa Waters!
My Grandmother, by Elena Herrada
Pics from Detroit-April 2004
TinkerBelle (Roberta & Keiths baby)
Family Email addresses
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