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Time period/Founding date: Between/Around 722 – 167 BC. ( 1948 – State of Israel becomes an independent country. )


Location where religion began: Israel.


Major prophets/figures:


·        God Himself

·        Abraham

·        Moses Maimonides


Major books of the religion/literature associated with it: The major literature, of Judaism, is that of the ‘Torah’. The term ‘Torah’ refers to Moses and his Five Books: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. It can also submit to the Jewish Bible (Tanakh/Written Torah).


Four doctrines/beliefs/practices and their explanations:


·        Qorbanot – Ancient times held Qorbanot as a major element of Jewish ritual. The term advocated a loss, or giving up something; the outcome being drawing closer to God, and obtaining forgiveness from sin. The different types of Qorbanot would include Olah: Burnt Offering, Zebach Sh’lamim: Peace Offering, Chatat: Sin Offering, Asham: Guilt Offering, and Food and Drink Offerings.


·        Shabbat – /The/ most important ritual in Judaism, the Shabbat is a day chiefly set aside for rest and spiritual fortification.


·        Role of Women – The role of the female, in Judaism, is not as diminutive as people thought; people misunderstood the role, for too long. Since biblical times, women have held respectful positions. Males have more often persecuted for /their/ wrong-doings, than have women.


·        Hanukkah – This is a Jewish celebration of rededication, and is also celebrated as the ‘festival of lights’. It carries on for eight days, beginning on the 25th day of Kislev (Which is the ninth month of a Jewish year. [November/December])



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