Dock Boggs: Albums

Discography General discography of Dock's albums.

His Folkways Years 1963 - 1968 (SFW 40108)

Dock Boggs: Volume 1 (FA 2351)

Dock Boggs: Volume 2 (FA 2392)

Dock Boggs: Volume 3 (AH 3903)

Country Blues: Complete Early Recordings (1927 - 29) (RVN 205) Information on Dock's early 78's that were originally released by Brunswick and Lonesome Ace. This reissuing by Revenant was released in 1998.

Excerpts From Interviews With Dock Boggs, Legendary Singer and Banjo Player (FA 5458) Excerpts with Mike Seeger's interviews with Dock Boggs, recorded and edited by Mike Seeger.

Various Albums Where Dock Boggs Makes an Appearance

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